Training Impact - Airville Rescue

In August 2010, Airville Fire Company was dispatched for a person trapped in a silo. On arrival, it was learned that the tripod which holds the unloader had collapsed injuring the farm operator.
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How did the Penn State Ag Rescue training help you manage this incident more effectively?

"Farming is an occupation which uses of a lot of dangerous equipment, so when you arrive you need to be knowledgeable on your situation so you and your fellow firefighters are safe and everybody goes home. We used techniques that we had gone over in our first rescue class; ie. stabilization, back boarding, and working together."

How might this call have gone prior to your members taking the Penn State Ag Rescue training?

"If the silo had been filled (gas) or the patient was entangled in the unloader; not understanding about either subject, could have been fatal to the patient or one of our own."