Tracey Lynn Harpster

Extension Educator, Pesticide Education


    Christmas Tree Production
    Curriculum Development
    Landscape Establishment and Maintenance
    Nursery and Ornamental Production
    Pesticide Safety
    Program Delivery
    Weed Control/Vegetation Management



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    About Me

    Tracey is an Extension Educator in Pesticide Education Program. She develops and presents educational materials for extension educators and various clientele including pesticide applicators and related groups at seminars, conferences, and workshops. She is a 1983 (Bachelor of Science) and 2011 (Master of Science) graduate of Penn State's Horticulture department.

    Tracey has extensive experience in the production/maintenance and vegetation management (weed control) of turf, landscape, nursery and Christmas trees. She is also a member of the Pennsylvania Pollinator Protection Plan (P4) Task Force and Treasurer of the Hort Alumni Group.


    M.S. in Horticulture from Penn State (2011) B.S. in Horticulture from Penn State (1983)