Township Supervisors Learn About Extension’s Stormwater Education Resources

To help them meet MS4 education requirements, Pennsylvania Townships can look to Penn State Extension for stormwater education resources.
Township Supervisors Learn About Extension’s Stormwater Education Resources - News


Extension Educator, Andy Yencha demonstrates the "Rain to Drain" stormwater activity at the Cumberland County PSATS Fall Forum meeting (Photo: Jennifer Fetter, Penn State)

  • What is an MS4?
  • Why should I be concerned about stormwater?

These are questions that Township supervisors in Pennsylvania may be hearing from their residents, or information that they may need to pass along to their employees.

At their spring 2018 statewide meeting in Harrisburg, and at fall forum meetings in Cumberland, Centre, Montgomery, and Clarion Counties, members of the PA State Association of Township Supervisors were introduced to some of Extension’s educational resources that could help them in this endeavor. Participants at these meetings learned about the Stormwater Basics toolkit of short videos and fact sheets that can be used as part of a community education program, and participated in a hands-on demo of Extension’s Rain to Drain 4-H curriculum for youth audiences. Other resources such as help with tree ordinances and plantings, finding local volunteer watershed stewards, and online stormwater best management tools were also discussed. Extension educators were able to gain valuable feedback from the group on how we can further help them meet their educational needs.

Interested in taking a look at the Stormwater Basics Toolkit for your municipality? Visit Penn State Extension's Stormwater Basics website to learn more!