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Crop insurance for fresh-market tomatoes in Pennsylvania.
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Fresh market tomatoes are insurable in Erie, Lackawanna, Luzerne, and Wyoming counties. Fresh market tomatoes may be insurable by written agreement in other counties if specific criteria are met. Fresh market tomatoes are insurable if they are transplanted and grown for harvest as fresh market tomatoes, they are subject to a packing contract executed by the acreage reporting date, grown by an operator who has grown or managed fresh market tomatoes for commercial sales in 1 of the 3 previous years, and grown following proper crop rotation as outlined in the policy.

The policy does not cover acreage on which tomatoes are grown for direct marketing, interplanted with another crop, planted into an established grass or legume, or directly seeded in the field. Cherry, grape, plum, and roma type tomatoes are not insurable, except by written agreement.

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Fresh-Market Tomato RMA Fact Sheet (2016 crop year)