Time to Mow Cereal Rye for Straw

Above average temperatures this spring has advanced the maturity of the rye as well as other forages.
Time to Mow Cereal Rye for Straw - News


Depending on the planting date and your geographic location it is time to cut rye for straw. This week will likely be a good opportunity to get the rye cut and dried down before more rain comes by the end of the week to bleach it. Next week the weather looks like there should be opportunities to get it baled. The concern would be how much rain will fall this weekend and how soon the weather clears. Extended periods of clouds and wet weather will cause the rye straw to go from a nice yellow color to dark and dusty.

Just don't wait too long to mow because the rye will soon be flowering and that gets messy with pollen and anthers blowing everywhere. Also depending on the next crop you intend to plant, waiting to mow can delay timely planting of your cash crop.

I created a short 5 minute video describing the process of making rye straw, its advantages and challenges and economics.