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Each Timber Market Report reflects the stumpage and mill prices over a three-month period. The report is intended to describe general trends in the market and ignore specific timber tract variation.
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Updated: December 4, 2017

Timber Market Report Archives


Timber Market Report 2017 3rd Quarter

July - September 2017

Timber Market Report: 2017 2nd Quarter

April - June 2017

Timber Market Report: 2017 1st Quarter

January - March 2017


Timber Market Report: 2016 4th Quarter

October - December 2016

Timber Market Report: 2016 3rd Quarter

July - September 2016

Timber Market Report: 2016 2nd Quarter

April - June 2016

Timber Market Report: 2016 1st Quarter

January-March 2016


Timber Market Report: 2015 4th Quarter 

October - December 2015
Dr. Jacobson's comments: Prices remain flat for the most part. A big question is whether domestic demand and housing starts will pick up this spring, as exports have fallen off. Consumer spending in the U.S is showing some signs of strength but the our markets still heavily depend on exports. China's economic concerns and strong dollar influence exports. Interestingly, for the last few quarters the Black Cherry prices in NE are higher on average than the NW. I can't read into it too much but maybe signs of limited high quality Cherry availability in NW.

Timber Market Report: 2015 3rd Quarter 

July - September 2017
Dr. Jacobson's comments: Prices are flat and there is hardly any sign of movement. Although the market itself seems to be picking up a little, the strong dollar is slowing the ever important export market. Another key factor is the falling lumber prices which trickle back and impact stumpage prices. Ash timber continues to be liquidated as landowners preempt invasion of the Emerald Ash Borer.

Timber Market Report: 2015 2nd Quarter 

April - June 2015
Dr. Jacobson's comments: The operative word this quarter is 'flat'. Prices remain flat on average for the major species. Exports have not increased as was forecast but its seems domestic hardwood lumber demand is picking up somewhat. Please note when reading these prices to take into account the number of samples. Some species in some regions have very few observations, probably skewing prices. Lets try and get more people to report. Spread the word and encourage anyone in the business to go online a report their timber sale prices.

Timber Market Report: 2015 1st Quarter 

January - March 2015
Dr. Jacobson's comments: Demand for grade hardwood lumber is lower than expected. A key factor is slow exports to international markets, especially China. This is leading to buildup of inventories. Prices however remained steady this quarter.


Timber Market Report: 2014 4th Quarter 

October - December 2014
Dr. Jacobson's comments: Prices have remained fairly stable this quarter although markets are robust and cold weather has helped logging activities. Mills are trying to keep their supply balanced with demand. Markets have obviously been helped by lower energy prices but it may take some time to translate into higher stumpage prices.

Timber Market Report: 2014 3rd Quarter 

July - September 2014
Dr. Jacobson's comments: The weather has been good this summer and so has harvesting timber, even lower quality material. There is more timber on market and mills are building inventory. Prices are strong and upward trending. Concerns loom about world markets and politics and housing construction has apparently stalled. Nevertheless exports are up, so there is industry optimism in the air.

Timber Market Report: 2014 2nd Quarter 

April - June 2014
Dr. Jacobson's comments: Prices for the 2nd quarter 2014 remained steady, albeit grade lumber demand slowed due to a sluggish housing market going into summer. Industrial timber demand remains strong. The only major shift was the drop in cherry prices in SW region. Not sure why. Probably a symptom of the survey. Remember, our survey is based off a relatively small sample of timber sales, so use the prices at your discretion - every forest is different.

Timber Market Report: 2014 1st Quarter 

January - March 2014
Dr. Jacobson's comments: Sustained upward price trends are now clear over the last year. In the past few years, it’s been a lot of ups and downs with slow market progress. Post-recession, there is now plenty of timber on the market. The question is whether supply build up leads to prices leveling off.


Timber Market Report: 2013 4th Quarter 

October - December 2013
Dr. Jacobson's comments: This is the first quarter in a long time since I've seen sustained strong price increases. Decent weather, bulking up yard inventories, and strong export demand were key drivers. The word is that prices will stabilize as we move into 2014.

Timber Market Report: 2013 3rd Quarter 

July - September 2013
Dr. Jacobson's comments: Not much overall price movement in 3rd quarter 2013. Prices seem to be on a slow upward trend as activity picks up. This probably reflects growing demand, especially export markets, while supply is limited by sales and logger availability. We are hearing the Ash market is strong.

Timber Market Report: 2013 2nd Quarter 

April - June 2013
Dr. Jacobson's comments: One of the interesting aspects of the price survey is when respondents add some comments. I don't get many but its seems in recent quarters quite a few people have mentioned some type of salvage harvest, pest or disease related. In terms of price trends there is no consistent pattern across species or even within a region. The western part of the state had more positive prices increases than the eastern part.

Timber Market Report: 2013 1st Quarter 

January - March 2013
Dr. Jacobson's comments: The housing market did very well in the 1st quarter of 2013 but is experiencing a current drop in housing starts. However, the market is looking much better that a year ago. Usually PA stumpage prices lag behind housing prices but there is evidence in this quarters report of some stability, if not increases in the prices of most species. If the current market improves we should see prices begin to creep back up.


Timber Market Report: 2012 4th Quarter 

October - December 2012
Dr. Jacobson's comments: Lumber prices are bouncing back as the housing market picks up, but the stumpage and log prices are lagging a little. However, there is positive, albeit small, price increases for most of our species. As lumber demand picks up further expect mills to replenish inventories and expand production. Then prices should trickle down to the stump.

Timber Market Report: 2012 3rd Quarter 

July - September 2012
Dr. Jacobson's comments: Not much change since last quarter but if since housing starts and renovations are on the rise we should start to see the market pick up. I am hearing that sales are competitive reflecting mills wanting to start stocking up for increasing demand.

Timber Market Report: 2012 2nd Quarter 

April - June 2012

Timber Market Report: 2012 1st Quarter 

January - March 2012


Timber Market Report: 2011 4th Quarter 

October - December 2011

Timber Market Report: 2011 3rd Quarter 

July - September 2011

Timber Market Report: 2011 2nd Quarter 

April - June 2011

Timber Market Report: 2011 1st Quarter 

January - March 2011


Timber Market Report: 2010 4th Quarter 

October - December 2010

Timber Market Report: 2010 3rd Quarter 

July - September 2010

Timber Market Report: 2010 2nd Quarter 

April - June 2010

Timber Market Report: 2010 1st Quarter 

January - March 2010


Timber Market Report: 2009 4th Quarter 

October - December 2009

Timber Market Report: 2009 3rd Quarter 

July - September 2009

Timber Market Report: 2009 2nd Quarter 

April - June 2009

Timber Market Report: 2009 1st Quarter 

January - March 2009


Timber Market Report: 2008 4th Quarter 

October - December 2008

Timber Market Report: 2008 3rd Quarter 

July - September 2008

Timber Market Report: 2008 2nd Quarter 

April - June 2008

Timber Market Report: 2008 1st Quarter 

January - March 2008


Timber Market Report: 2007 4th Quarter 

October - December 2007

Timber Market Report: 2007 3rd Quarter 

July - September 2007

Timber Market Report: 2007 2nd Quarter 

April - June 2007

Timber Market Report: 2007 1st Quarter 

January - March 2007


Timber Market Report: 2006 4th Quarter 

October - December 2006

Timber Market Report: 2006 3rd Quarter 

July - September 2006

Timber Market Report: 2006 2nd Quarter 

April - June 2006

Timber Market Report: 2006 1st Quarter 

January - March 2006


Timber Market Report: 2005 4th Quarter 

October - December 2005

Timber Market Report: 2005 3rd Quarter 

July - September 2005

Timber Market Report: 2005 2nd Quarter 

April - June 2005

Timber Market Report: 2005 1st Quarter 

January - March 2005


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