The Next Steps in Raising Sheep or Goats

Fencing, Feeding, Nutrition, Grazing and Selecting a Startup Flock or Herd will be covered in this session of the North Central, PA Small Ruminant Series.
The Next Steps in Raising Sheep or Goats - Workshops
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Length: 4 hours
Language: English
Note: Raising sheep and goats comes with unique challenges; Learn from other farmers at this meeting.

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Featured Speakers:

  • Lynn Bliven, Agriculture Issue Leader with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Allegany County, NY, and co-instructor of the Cornell Commercial Sheep Production Online Course.
  • Tim Elder, Northwest Grazing Specialist with NRCS, invited speaker at numerous grazing schools and soil health field days and was awarded the 2012 PFGC Conservation Award.
  • Jack Thomas, grass farmer from Ulysses, PA, searches for innovations in how to make grass pay, currently raising sheep and beef.
  • Rob Thompson, sheep farmer of Hebron, PA, holds a certificate in Sheep Production with many years of experience in multispecies grazing.

Who is this for?

A short workshop for farmers interested in exploring more about sheep and goat production. New and beginning farmers also welcome.

What will you learn?

Topics include, troubleshooting fencing issues, discussion on feeding including grazing, and a panel discussion with producers on how to select a startup flock of sheep or herd of goats.


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