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Learn about the our Ag Safety demonstrations and lesson plans that are available to educators. These demos are an excellent teaching tool for youth and adults about Ag Safety on the farm.
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- [Narrator] Are you an Ag instructor or educator looking for a way to improve your farm safety topics?

Penn State Ag Safety and Health has demonstrations available for you to use.

Using demonstrations can lead to more participation, and provide better explanations on topics you're covering.

Let's take a look at what's available.

The PTO Simulator.

This demonstrates life-like PTO hazards, and measures reaction time against the speed and force of a turning PTO shaft.

This demo uses a magnetic strap placed around the participant's wrist.

When they feel a tug on the strap, they're asked to pull their wrist away as quickly as possible.

The sensor measures their reaction time.

While doing this, participants are asked to complete various tasks on the distraction board to keep their mind off the turning shaft.

Their reaction time, and the distance traveled is then displayed on the display board.

This demonstration is easily reset for the next individual.

Corn Picker Simulator.

This simulates a clogged corn or forage harvester.

Like the PTO Simulator, it also measures reaction time, and shows you how quickly accidents can happen.

Participants are given a handle with two buttons.

It is then placed over a simulated corn stalk.

When the corn stalk is pulled in, reaction time is measured by the release of the two buttons.

Participants' reaction time is then displayed on the board.

This can also be compared to the distance of pull-in chart available with this demo.

Tabletop Grain Bin simulator.

This shows the hazards of flowing grain, and leads to discussion on how and why grain entrapments occur, and how they can be prevented.

For example, using a harness, proper lock out tag out procedures, and never working alone.

It's also an easy way to demonstrate a grain bin rescue tube concept.

This demonstration requires a fair amount of interaction from the audience.

Head, Eye, and Foot Safety simulator.

This demonstrates the importance of wearing the correct personal protective equipment for your work environment, and shows how some material may not be suited for certain situations.

The simulator operates by dropping a weight from a set height.

The weight can also be fitted with small nails to measure penetration on the footwear test.

Mr. Egg Tractor Rollover.

This demo is small and fairly easy to transport.

This demonstration illustrates the importance of tractors with seatbelts, and proper rollover protective structures.

Participants are asked to document their results, and discuss their findings.

The Mini Tilt Table.

This simulator demonstrates how a change in center of gravity can affect equipment.

Shown here is a skid loader, but the bucket carried low, compared to the bucket carried high with an elevated load.

Other farm vehicles can be used in this simulator, such as a tractor and ATVs.

The Dairy Dozen Hazard Hunt.

This demonstration is easily folded up for transport.

Items on this board simulate various farm hazards that may be encountered.

These items can be moved around to simulate different hazards.

Participants are asked to document the hazards that they find, and discuss what makes them hazardous.

This is a good demonstration to be completed in small groups, and is great for 4-H and FFA discussions.

For more information or to reserve a demo, contact Stephen Brown at


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