Sustainable Dairy Cropping Systems

We are assisting eight cooperating farmers in four Pennsylvania counties to evaluate cropping systems designed to conserve, soil, nutrients, and energy on livestock farms.
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Promoting Adoption of Innovative Conservation

Cropping Systems on Livestock Farms

In spring 2010, farmers using no-till adopted one or more of the following practices:

  1. manure injection to conserve manure nutrients while minimizing erosion and odor
  2. roller-crimping cover crops to create a high residue mulch and reduce erosion
  3. leguminous cover crops such as hairy vetch, crimson clover or red clover

Interested in trying manure-injection on your farm? Cooperating Commercial manure haulers in Berks, Bradford, Franklin, and Lancaster Counties are equipped to inject manure on commercial farms. Their names and locations are indicated on this map. Some additional commercial manure haulers in Pennsylvania also have manure injection equipment. We encourage you to inquire about manure injection options with additional manure haulers.

Interested in trying a cover-crop roller-crimper? Cover crop roller-crimpers, are available for use in Bradford and Franklin Counties. These locations are indicated with an X on this map. For more information, contact Jennifer Bratthauar or Mark Madden.

We are also encouraging farmers to consider planting Canola to produce oil for fuel or other uses and meal for livestock feed.

For information on canola:


  • Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Chesapeake Bay Conservation Innovation Grant
  • The Pennsylvania State University