Study Circles Focus on Organic Field Crop Production

Study Circle meetings provide a relaxed atmosphere where participants share information with each other as well as learn from and ask questions from experts.
Study Circles Focus on Organic Field Crop Production - Articles
Study Circles Focus on Organic Field Crop Production

Group of Farmers at Recent Study Circle. Photo credit: David Wilson.

Extension Educators Liz Bosak, Dave Hartman, and Dave Wilson are leading the upcoming organic field crop study circles. Study circles offer a unique format for farmer-to-farmer knowledge exchange. All farmers are welcome with any level of expertise in organic crop production as well as farmers who are considering or transitioning to organic production.

The Southeast study circle meeting, facilitated by Liz Bosak and Dave Wilson, will be held on February 13th at the Shady Maple Smorgasbord in East Earl. There will also be a Southcentral organic study circle offered at the Dauphin County Extension Office on March 6th. The Central Susquehanna study circle events, facilitated by Dave Hartman, will be held on February 2nd and March 16th at the Bonanza Steakhouse in New Columbia.

Topics at the study circles will vary based on farmer interests, but may include: planting dates, seeding rates, planting depth, variety selection, and cover crop termination. Registration is free and lunch is included for the first 25 farmers that register. To register, visit the Organic Field Crop Growers Study Circle Meetings web pageor call 877-345-0691.


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