Spring Garden Series

Join us for two days of classes that will prepare you for the new gardening season.
Spring Garden Series - Workshops
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Join the Master Gardeners of Lehigh and Northampton Counties for the Annual Spring Garden Series, two days of classes that will prepare you for the new gardening season!

To Be Covered

  • Helping Pollinators - Discussion on the issues surrounding pollinators and how you can help in your own back yard. Information will be given regarding plants that aid pollination and how to certify your garden as a pollinator garden. As a Master Gardener and bee keeper Lois will discuss her journey with pollinators.
  • Native Plants in Your Garden - In this discussion Ilse will give practical information on the native plants available in our area. Information on lighting and general conditions will assist you in placing the right plant in the right spot in your garden.
  • What's Bugging You in the Garden - There are a lot of arthropod life in our garden so let’s take a close look at those fascinating creatures. This session will highlight several “Are you a good bug or a bad bug?”. We’ll review some relevant anthropod life cycles and discuss ways to encourage those “good bugs” while eliminating the “bad bugs.”
  • Intensive Gardening / Succession Planning - The purpose of succession planting include maximizing the use of garden space, increasing garden production, and ensuring a continuous vegetable supply. Succession methods such as planning the intensive garden, interplanting, relay planting and multicropping and the vegetables that lend themselves to succession planting and how to plant them are included.


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