Specialty Crop Tour for Young Growers

Specialty Crop Tours for Young Growers provide enlightening farm tours for members of The Young Grower Alliance to some of the most innovative farming operations.
Specialty Crop Tour for Young Growers - Workshops
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Language: English
Note: If you would like to carpool, please indicate this by email or phone message to Don Seifrit, dus970@psu.edu or 610-378-1327 x228

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The tours serve young farmers as valued social network and educational tools for agricultural practices. The trips prove to be highly educational by exposing young growers to new agricultural practices and operations, as well as serving as a forum for discussion.

Past local, national and international tours that YGA members have taken.

The YGA Specialty Crop Tours offer year-round educational opportunities to YGA members. Educational field trips to universities, grower orchards, and research facilities give direct accessibility to experts and professionals eager to share their knowledge and experiences. Exposure to new practices and technologies encourages innovation among this next generation of growers.

Who is this for?

The Young Grower Alliance (YGA) supports a new generation of specialty crop growers in building coalitions to develop innovative approaches for meeting future growing and marketing challenges. The coalition currently includes over 300 growers from the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. New members are always welcome. If you are interested in joining the Young Grower Alliance, or would like to know more, .

What will you learn?

Specialty Crop tours give members the opportunities for:

  • Exposure to New Practices and Technologies
  • Exploring Innovative Ideas
  • Sharing Diversification and Marketing Ideas
  • Business Planning and Development
  • Communication and Networking Skills


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