Spathiphyllum Diseases

Informational table showing disease name, symptoms, pathogen/cause, and management of Spathiphyllum diseases.
Spathiphyllum Diseases - Articles


Cylindrocladium Root and Petiole RotLower leaves yellow and wilt. Dark brown spots with halos form on leaves. Roots decay.Cylindrocladium spathiphylliPurchase plants free of pathogen. Discard infected plants. Apply a fungicide to protect plants.
Magnesium DeficiencyPlants are stunted and vigor reduced. Tissue between leaf veins yellows and may be bronzed while veins remain green.Lack of fertilizationApply magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts) at 1/4 lb. per 10 gallons of water.
Marginal Leaf BurnLeaf tips and margins yellow and die. Roots darken and die.Over-fertilizationLeach pots if no slow-release fertilizer is present. Maintain moderate levels of fertilizer.
VirusA mild mosaic pattern of light and dark green appears on some leaves. Other leaves, while still infected, are symptomless.Dasheen mosaic virusDiscard infected plants. Maintain good insect control in the greenhouse.

Prepared by Gary W. Moorman, Professor of Plant Pathology