Soil Fumigation Resources from EPA

This EPA website provides training, outreach, and other resource materials for applicators and others interested in the requirements of using soil fumigants safely.
Soil Fumigation Resources from EPA - Articles


EPA's Soil Fumigant Toolbox

Soil Fumigant Toolbox

EPA has a very robust website dedicated to soil fumigants which includes information on training, fumigant management plants, buffer zones, and other safety measures to protect both agricultural workers and bystanders.

The following is the list of what is included on the Soil Fumigation Toolbox website.

About Soil Fumigants

  • What are soil fumigants?
  • Implementing safety measures
  • Soil fumigant chemicals
  • Soil fumigant labels

Buffer Zones and Tarps

  • Buffer zone requirements for soil fumigant applications
  • Tarps
  • Calculating buffer zones
  • Buffer Zone fact sheets

Fumigant Management Plans

  • Introduction to fumigant management plans
  • Phase 2 templates

Information for Fumigant Handlers and Certified Applicators

  • Soil fumigant training for certified applicators
  • Safety information for handlers
  • Fact sheet on Measures Required to Protect Workers from Fumigant Exposures

Information for State and Tribal Agencies

  • Training program resources
  • NASDARF Soil Fumigation manual
  • Fact sheet compilation

Information for Communities

  • Emergency preparedness and response requirements
  • Community outreach and education programs