New York State Senate recently voted to add silvopasturing, raising livestock and poultry in woodlots, to the state’s agricultural assessment program.
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Updated: May 16, 2012


Goats grazing in a forest.

Silvopasturing could also provide more opportunities for those who wish to begin raising livestock or expand their current farm as grass pasture rental rates are at a premium.

With support from a grant from the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program, Extension staff at Cornell University are using ducks as pest control, pasturing the fowl in a mature maple woodlot. Past research has shown that livestock are effective at clearing underbrush, making the woodlots more productive, and, therefore, more profitable.

Like most any grazing system, management of forage availability is key to success. Rotating livestock throughout the lot and preventing overgrazing is also critical.

Prepared by Jodi Torock, Penn State Extension Educator