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Intro to Wine Microbiology
Intro to Wine Microbiology - Workshops Workshops

Intro to Wine Microbiology


University Park, PA

This workshop is for winemakers that would like hands-on training in proper microbiological techniques in the winery. More
Paddock with Run-in shed
Horse Farm Design: An Agricultural Engineering Approach - Articles Articles

Horse Farm Design: An Agricultural Engineering Approach

Eileen E. Fabian (Wheeler), Ph.D.

Research-based information for the planning and construction of well-designed equestrian facilities. More
Corn field, photo by Elizabeth Hines
Mycotoxins and Their Effect on Poultry and Swine Production - Articles Articles
Feed grains contaminated by mycotoxins hurt feed quality and are detrimental to production in poultry and swine. Some key mycotoxins can induce differential impacts on poultry and swine production performance. More
Ag Issues: Helping Fruit & Vegetable Producers Understand Labor Laws
Ag Issues: Helping Fruit & Vegetable Producers Understand Labor Laws - Webinars Webinars
Addresses, workshops, and discussions relating to issues affecting the agricultural community including workforce development, food safety, environmental stewardship, marketing, and consumer literacy. More
Home Gardening Essentials - Gardening In Nature
Home Gardening Essentials - Gardening In Nature - Workshops Workshops
Journey through the seasons of gardening in this six-week workshop. More
onion picture from
The Onion Debate: Guest with Food Allergies - Articles Articles
It can be a challenge to cook for a guest with food allergies for the holidays and large gatherings. Learn several ways to make food safe during preparation and service. More
John Grande, Snyder Research Station showing how to modify your sprayer.
Better Coverage From Your Backpack Sprayer - Articles Articles
If you rely on a backpack sprayer, it is important to choose the right sprayer, calibrate correctly, measure correctly and use the right nozzles. More
Photo: Loy Elliot
Grant and Loan Opportunities for Starting your Farm - Articles Articles
There is very little grant money available but here are a few resources for loan and grant organizations to help you as you start or grow your farm. More
Farmers Market Food Safety Resource Guide
Farmers Market Food Safety Resource Guide - Guides and Publications Guides and Publications

Farmers Market Food Safety Resource Guide

Catherine Nettles Cutter, Ph.D., Martin Bucknavage

This guide provides in-depth education on food safety concepts from farm to market, and includes practical tips and checklists to ensure you're following standards. More
Potter County Senior Center Staff Sanitation Training
Potter County Senior Center Staff Sanitation Training - Workshops Workshops
Annual training of Senior Center Directors on implementing food safety within their facilities More
Source: US DOE,
Researchers Evaluate Studies Supporting State Subsidies for Nuclear Plants - News News
Penn State researchers offer a critical assessment from the perspective of economic theory and engineering fundamentals from previous assessments in considering the future of nuclear generation plants. More
Great spangled fritillary Photo: Jon Yuschock,
Butterfly Gardening, Penn State Master Gardeners - News News
Penn State Extension Master Gardener Vince Fayock will describe how to select beautiful flowers that encourage butterflies to frequent our gardens. More
Turf and Ornamentals Conference
Turf and Ornamentals Conference - Conferences Conferences

Turf and Ornamentals Conference


Kutztown, PA

Earn pesticide credits, network with peers, and visit with vendors at this annual conference. More
Amateur Herbalist: Basics of Herbal Seed Starting
Amateur Herbalist: Basics of Herbal Seed Starting - Workshops Workshops
When spring is in the air, it is time to think about the herbs to plant in your garden! More
Source: Joshua Woda/ Penn State
Water Research Provides Chemical Clues in Shale Gas Impacts - News News
Penn State scientists identify chemical clues that can distinguish methane migration related to shale gas development from methane that was pre-existing. More
Blake Vince, no-till grain farmer from Ontario, showcases a latex cast of earthworm burrows, old root canals, and cracks and fissures from his soil with PSU Extension Educator Claire Coombs. Sjoerd Duiker.
Northeast Cover Crop Council Conference Showcases Cover Crop Innovations - News News
This Conference featured a wide variety of cover crop presentations and networking opportunities for farmers, industry, government and non-government organizations, extension and research. More
Join Us for Soil Health and Cover Crop Workshops
Join Us for Soil Health and Cover Crop Workshops - News News
Soil health and cover crops workshops are coming up in December and January across PA. Come out and join us to hear local Extension Educators and farmers talk about soil health, soil fertility, cover crop management, and more! More
Unharvested corn that has been caught in the most recent snow in Mercer County. Photo by Claire Coombs.
Dealing with the Weather and Unharvested Crops - News News
The weather has gone from warm and rainy to cold and snowy across much of the state. With approximately 18% of corn and 23% of beans still in the field, how big of a concern is this? More
Pennsylvania average soybean yields are close to crossing 50 bushels for the first time this year. Zach Larson photo.
Harvest Progress and Crop Conditions Coming into Focus - News News
While corn harvest is on track, statewide, soybeans have been slow to come off. Corn and soybean yields are meeting expectation despite challenging conditions this fall. More
For the Birds-Family Friendly
For the Birds-Family Friendly - Workshops Workshops

For the Birds-Family Friendly


Chambersburg, PA

Learn easy, homemade ways of attracting birds to your backyard! More
2018 Soybean Variety Trials
2018 Soybean Variety Trials - Articles Articles

2018 Soybean Variety Trials

Mark Antle, Gregory W. Roth, Ph.D.

Soybean tests are conducted annually to provide information regarding the performance of soybeans grown in Pennsylvania. More
Photo Caption: Kyle Imhoff
Weather Outlook for the Week of November 27, 2018 - News News
More wet (and/or white) weather on the way, unfortunately. More
Photo Source Big Stock Stock Photo ID: 172689485
Need Help? Who Do You Call? - Articles Articles

Need Help? Who Do You Call?

Robin Kuleck, RN, MSEd

Just as dialing 911 connects you with local emergency services, the Pennsylvania 211 system will connect you with trained specialists to connect you with local human services. More
Columbia County Gardening Seminar Series
Columbia County Gardening Seminar Series - News News
Free gardening programs by Penn State Master Gardeners of Columbia County on third Tuesdays evenings, April through September, 2019. More
Timber Market Report: 2018 3rd Quarter
Timber Market Report: 2018 3rd Quarter - Articles Articles

Timber Market Report: 2018 3rd Quarter

Charles David Ray, Ph.D.

Timber stumpage and pulpwood prices in Pennsylvania, for the third quarter of 2018. July-September 2018. More