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What is Renewable Energy?
What is Renewable Energy? - Articles Articles

What is Renewable Energy?

Daniel Ciolkosz, P.E.

Renewable energy is energy generated from natural resources—such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat. More
Penn State Biodiesel Plant Penn State Biodiesel Plant - Articles

Penn State Biodiesel Plant

Daniel Ciolkosz, P.E.

Penn State's role as a leader in renewable energy education and research includes an exciting and dynamic biodiesel program. More
Upgrade Options and Common Pitfalls for Farm Lighting
Upgrade Options and Common Pitfalls for Farm Lighting - Articles Articles
We'll discuss some of the more common problems you can avoid without too much trouble. More
Always Look for the Energy Star
Always Look for the Energy Star - Articles Articles

Always Look for the Energy Star

Daniel Ciolkosz, P.E.

Whenever shopping for appliances and equipment for your home, look for the Energy Star. More
Baled switchgrass stored in a field
Alternate Markets for Dedicated Grass Energy Crops - Articles Articles
Growing renewable biomass feedstocks like perennial grasses that can be converted into energy (electricity, liquid transportation fuels, or heat). More
Diagram of the Franklin Stove, 1769
An Introduction to Biomass Heating - Articles Articles

An Introduction to Biomass Heating

Daniel Ciolkosz, P.E.

Combustion process, fuel choices, equipment, obtaining biomass fuels, and emissions and pollution. More
Figure 1. A common generator setup for Pennsylvania Farms.
Biogas Digesters - Engine Lubricating Oil - Articles Articles
Proper care and maintenance of the generator engine will ensure many years of trouble free use. More
Characteristics of Biomass as a Heating Fuel
Characteristics of Biomass as a Heating Fuel - Articles Articles
Biomass is a promising option for providing locally produced, renewable energy in Pennsylvania. More
Burning Shelled Corn
Burning Shelled Corn - Articles Articles

Burning Shelled Corn

Daniel Ciolkosz, P.E.

Burning shelled corn as a fuel can be a feasible way of dealing with the high prices of conventional fuels. More
Coal-fired power plant
Co-firing Biomass with Coal - Articles Articles

Co-firing Biomass with Coal

Daniel Ciolkosz, P.E.

One of the more promising options for PA farmers and foresters interested in growing biomass, is to sell your biomass for co-firing with other fuels, especially coal. More
Figure 1: Diagram of the major components of a commercial-scale biomass combustor system
Commercial-Scale Biomass Combustion Equipment - Articles Articles
Overview of the equipment common to most commercial-scale biomass combustors and discusses some of the considerations in selecting a biomass combustor. More
Electricity Deregulation
Electricity Deregulation - Articles Articles

Electricity Deregulation

Daniel Ciolkosz, P.E.

The deregulation of electricity generation provides electricity customers with far more options in terms of how they purchase and use electricity. More
Energy Efficiency on the Farm
Energy Efficiency on the Farm - Articles Articles

Energy Efficiency on the Farm

Daniel Ciolkosz, P.E.

We use energy to heat, cool, plant, harvest, clean, and perform a wide variety of tasks. However, the price of energy can sometimes be a real obstacle to keeping a farm profitable. More
One of two cider presses at Kauffman's Fruit Farm & Market
Energy Efficiency: Cider Press - Articles Articles

Energy Efficiency: Cider Press

Daniel Ciolkosz, P.E.

Real-time energy monitoring sites at horticultural operations throughout PA. Kauffman's Fruit Farm & Market in Bird-in-Hand, Lancaster County, is the site example for a cider press. More
Energy Savings for Farmers and Landowners
Energy Savings for Farmers and Landowners - Articles Articles
The Farm Energy Efficiency program is a statewide initiative of the Penn State Extension and part of Extension’s Renewable and Alternative Energy program portfolio. More
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