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Photo credit: Alyssa Collins
Poinsettia and Christmas Cactus Care - Articles Articles
This article gives advice for prolonging the life and blooms of two popular holiday houseplants. More
¿Qué es un Desinfectante o Sanitizante?
¿Qué es un Desinfectante o Sanitizante? - Articles Articles

¿Qué es un Desinfectante o Sanitizante?

David Meigs Beyer, Ph.D.

Vamos a aclarar algunos términos ya que los productores de hongos comúnmente se refieren de manera indistinta a los desinfectantes y a los sanitizantes, lo cual es entendible. More
Winterizing Sprayer, Photo by Andrew Frankenfield
Late Fall is the Time to Winterize Your Sprayers - Articles Articles
Once the growing season is over and the weather is turning colder it’s time to winterize your pesticide sprayer before it gets too cold and causes damage to sprayer components. The following are tips to guide you. More
Soybean field (D. Lingenfelter, Penn State Extension)
Xtend Soybean: Dicamba Products Re-registered - News News
Dicamba products granted registration extension for use on Xtend soybean. Read below of additional details. More
Image produced by Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.
Pesticide 101 for New and Beginning Farmers - News News
Whether you are taking over the family farm or starting from scratch, conventional or OMRI approved pesticides will probably be part of your pest management program. More
Lime application in a cover crop (photo credit: Justin Brackenrich)
Late Season Limestone Application - News News
With significant rainfall this fall, it has been difficult to complete harvest, let alone worry about fall limestone application; however there is still time to prepare for spring 2019. More
Penn State Patrick Mansell
Re-Imagining Energy - News News

Re-Imagining Energy


Penn State is strong in energy-related research. Learn more about studies in generating and storing energy, carbon capture, energy efficiency, and sustainability. More
Amateur Herbalist: Not Your Everyday Pesto
Amateur Herbalist: Not Your Everyday Pesto - Workshops Workshops

Amateur Herbalist: Not Your Everyday Pesto


Lebanon, PA

Join us to learn different recipes to make and use pesto sauce. More
Amateur Herbalist: Early Spring Herbs Amateur Herbalist: Early Spring Herbs - Workshops

Amateur Herbalist: Early Spring Herbs


Lebanon, PA

Start looking forward to spring by joining us to learn how to use all of the early spring herbs from your garden. More
Photo Caption: Kyle Imhoff
Weather Outlook for the Week of November 12, 2018 - News News
Winter weather to make an unscheduled visit to Pennsylvania. More
Figure 1. Cool-season perennials are the mainstay of pastured dairies in the Northeast. Credit: Sjoerd Duiker
No-Till Annuals to Beat the Summer Slump on a Dairy Farm - Articles Articles

No-Till Annuals to Beat the Summer Slump on a Dairy Farm

Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA, Dave Wilson, Jessica A. Williamson, Ph.D.

This case study demonstrates how a grazing dairy farmer in southeastern Pennsylvania beats the summer slump with cool- and warm-season annuals established with no-till practices. More
Posts between the oat and annual strip create a fence between strips that are grazed and strips with grain crops. Photo by Sjoerd Duiker
Integrating Grazing in No-Till Systems on a Grain Farm - Articles Articles

Integrating Grazing in No-Till Systems on a Grain Farm

Jessica A. Williamson, Ph.D., Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA

The adoption of no-tillage systems in Pennsylvania creates opportunities to graze after harvest. This case study examines the integration of grazing and no-tillage on a grain farm. More
How To Remove Spotted Lanternfly Eggs
How To Remove Spotted Lanternfly Eggs - Videos Videos

How To Remove Spotted Lanternfly Eggs

Donald Seifrit


Learn first-hand how to scrape and destroy spotted lanternfly egg masses, which are visible between October and July. More
Benchmark Group: Activity Systems
Benchmark Group: Activity Systems - Workshops Workshops

Benchmark Group: Activity Systems


Leesport, PA

This Benchmark Group will provide an opportunity for dairy farmers currently using activity systems on their farms to share their experience with the technology and learn best management practices from their peers. More
Photo: Tara Baugher, Penn State
Fruit Disorders: Prevention of Scarf Skin on Apple Fruit - Articles Articles

Fruit Disorders: Prevention of Scarf Skin on Apple Fruit

James Schupp, Ph.D., Melanie Schupp, Edwin Winzeler, Tara Baugher, Daniel Weber, Donald Seifrit

Scarf skin is a physiological disorder of apple fruit that causes a dull gray cloudy or waxy appearance on the surface of the peel (epidermis) where it is most readily observed on varieties with a red or dark red background. More
Leaf infected with Marssonina. Photo: K. Peter, Penn State
Apple Disease - Marssonina Blotch - Articles Articles

Apple Disease - Marssonina Blotch

Kari A. Peter, Ph.D.

Marssonina blotch, caused by Marssonina caronaria, is a foliar disease first identified in Pennsylvania in September 2017. More
Figure 1: Well-managed perennial pasture can be a highly sustainable form of land use. Photo by Sjoerd Duiker
Plant Diversity to Extend the Grazing Season - Articles Articles

Plant Diversity to Extend the Grazing Season

Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA

This case study shows how a farmer in northwestern Pennsylvania is using annuals and perennials to expand his grazing season while managing for reduced inputs and improved soil health through integration of grazing and no-tillage. More
Danielle Rhea is the new Water Resources Extension Educator in Jefferson County
Extension Water Team Welcomes New Water Resources Educator in Jefferson County - News News
The Extension water team is happy to have a new Educator on board. Danielle Rhea will be based in Jefferson County and serving counties in north central Pennsylvania and beyond. More
Photo Source Big Stock Stock Photo ID: 132654941
Calling 9-1-1: What Constitutes a Medical Emergency? - Articles Articles
Know when and how to communicate with first responders during emergencies. More
2018 Results: PA Commercial Grain and Silage Hybrid Corn Tests Report
2018 Results: PA Commercial Grain and Silage Hybrid Corn Tests Report - Articles Articles
This report provides independent and unbiased information for the evaluation of commercial corn grain and silage hybrids available in Pennsylvania. More
Pesticide Applicator
Pesticide Applicator Short Courses - Articles Articles
Pesticide applicator short courses prepare professionals in a classroom-style setting to take the certified pesticide applicator’s exam. More
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Preserving Cranberries - Articles Articles

Preserving Cranberries

Martha Zepp

With fresh cranberries readily available in stores from October through December, now is a great time to purchase a supply and preserve them for year-round use. More
Martha Zepp, The Pennsylvania State University
Versatile Canned Chicken - Articles Articles
Do you like the convenience of opening a can of ready to use meat and having many possibilities for preparing a meal? Think of a can of tuna. You can do the same thing with canned chicken. More
PublicDomainPictures 17914 CC0
Holiday Leftovers - Articles Articles

Holiday Leftovers

Martha Zepp

The holiday meal is over. You’re ready to relax, sit down and visit with guests. But wait, doing so could result in some uninvited guests—bacteria that love to grow at room temperature! More
Photo from CC0
Dairy Sense: Milk Income and Ration Perspective for Milk Fat - Articles Articles
A balance between components and volume may be the best strategy to optimize milk income. More
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