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Epipactis helleborine. Photo: Amy Korman, Penn State
Be on the Lookout for Invasive Orchids - News News
Epipactis helleborine, the Broad-leaved Helleborine, is an invasive orchid that continues to plague Pennsylvania landscapes. More
Figure 1. Caterpillar or sawfly? Accurate identification of the pest is critical when using bio-insecticides. Bt products will control small caterpillars, but would be ineffective on the sawfly larva shown in this photo.
Bio-insecticides in Greenhouse Ornamentals - Articles Articles

Bio-insecticides in Greenhouse Ornamentals

Lee Stivers, Ruth Benner

Bio-pesticides, also known as biological pesticides, are defined by the US EPA as pesticides derived from natural materials such as animals, plants, bacteria, fungi, and certain minerals. More
Penn State dairy cows. Photo by Steve Williams
Dairy Margin Protection Program Deadline is June 1, 2018 - News News
The Penn State Dairy Extension Team encourages Dairy Producers to be aware that the deadline to sign up for the current 2018 Farm Bill Dairy MPP program is June 1, 2018. More
Bags of seed corn. Photo credit: Dwane Miller.
Should I Pull the Trigger and Switch Corn Hybrid Maturities? - News News
Corn planting is lagging behind, but favorable weather should allow for planting to continue. Should you stick to your original hybrids, or switch out to shorter season corn? More
Master Gardener Evenings in the Garden: Herbs - Extending the Season
Master Gardener Evenings in the Garden: Herbs - Extending the Season - Workshops Workshops
Join us the Master Gardeners of Berks County for an informational workshop on herbs. More
Assessing soybean populations. Photo credit: United Soybean Board
Assessing Corn and Soybean Populations and Replanting Decisions - Articles Articles
Recent heavy rains and excessively wet soil conditions have taken a toll on recently planted corn and soybean fields. Now is the time to take a look at those fields. More
Andy Hirneisen, Penn State University
Home Food Preservation: Water Bath Canning - Workshops Workshops

Home Food Preservation: Water Bath Canning


Martinsburg, PA

Join us to learn the basics of water bath and atmospheric steam canning. More
Seedcorn maggot life cycle, including the number of growing degree days (GDD, base 39F) that are needed to complete each stage. Image credit: Nick Sloff, Penn State University
Black Cutworm Moths Arriving, and Seedcorn Maggots Making Themselves Known - News News
Our first significant flight of cutworm moths arrived in PA, and we have encountered an odd situation with seedcorn maggots infesting insecticide-treated seed. More
Hairy vetch, rye, annual ryegrass, and clover cover crop being grazed. Photo Credit: Sjoerd Duiker, Penn State University
Grazing Crop Residues and Cover Crops - Articles Articles

Grazing Crop Residues and Cover Crops

Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA

Grazing has been largely excluded from our croplands but is receiving new interest as an additional profit center for farmers as well as a way to improve soil. More
Photo Credit: Claire Coombs, Penn State Extension.
Preventing Sidewall Compaction - Articles Articles
With all this rain, patience can be tough but it is important to wait for good planting conditions to avoid sidewall compaction More
Emerged no-till soybeans (D. Lingenfelter, Penn State Weed Science)
No-till Soybeans Emerged Without a Burndown or Residual? - Articles Articles
If you did not have an opportunity to spray your no-till soybean fields before planting, read about some weed control options. More
Patty Neiner, Penn State University
Tractor Operation, Safety & Basic Maintenance for Women - Workshops Workshops
A two-day class designed to educate and empower current or future female users of agricultural tractors and farm equipment. More
Horses and Flies - Louis 'lostinfog' - CC BY-SA 2.0 Flickr
Dismiss the Myths: Fly Control on Equine Facilities - Webinars Webinars

Dismiss the Myths: Fly Control on Equine Facilities

12:00 PM - 01:00 PM, 08/01/2018

1 hour

Learn about the different types of flies commonly found on horse farms, and develop a plan to control them. More
Northeast Natural Gas Pipeline Takeaway Capacity Expected to Increase in 2018 - News News
The U.S. Energy Information Administration is tracking over 160 natural gas pipeline projects More
Join us as the sun rises for breakfast
Ag Progress Days - Dairy Industry Breakfast - Workshops Workshops

Ag Progress Days - Dairy Industry Breakfast


Pennsylvania Furnace, PA

Breakfast will feature a producer panel "Thriving with Change". This group will talk about hard decisions that have been made on the farm and how they have worked through them. More
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