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Farm management software is one way of keeping track of what hybrids are planted, when control products are applied and yields. Understanding user licenses and privacy agreements will help in explaining what software companies can do with your data and w
What Will Happen to My Data? Understanding Your Rights in Precision Agriculture - Articles Articles
The use of Precision Agriculture-based decision making to determine fertilizer rates and hybrid types and planting rates is becoming more common. More
Recordkeeping apps can put all of your crop history in the devices that you carry with you every day. Apps that utilize GIS mapping allow you to link records with mapped locations.
Should You Resolve to Ditch Paper Records in 2017? - Articles Articles
If you didn’t write it down it never happened; it’s a lesson often learned the hard way. More
Rye on tomatoes. Photo: Lee Stivers
This Isn’t Your Father’s Cereal Rye - Articles Articles
Use management objectives to determine rye cover crop seeding rates. More