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How To Use the Penn State Drinking Water Test Kit - Videos Videos
This video will walk you through how to use the Penn State drinking water test kit to successfully analyze the quality of your drinking water. More
Saving Water Outside the Home
Saving Water Outside the Home - Videos Videos
Many opportunities for water conservation exist outside of your home including plant and watering choices. More
Saving Water in the Home
Saving Water in the Home - Videos Videos
Out of all the methods for water conservation, household water use is what consumers have the most control over. More
Benefits from Water Conservation
Benefits from Water Conservation - Videos Videos
Leaks and wasteful habits are the largest contributors to household water waste. Significant savings can be achieved by changing habits and ensuring your house is leak free. More
Why Conserve Water?
Why Conserve Water? - Videos Videos
The video provides information on the importance of water conservation and offers tips on reducing your water usage. More
Are Roadside Springs Safe?
Are Roadside Springs Safe? - Videos Videos

Are Roadside Springs Safe?

Bryan Swistock, Susan Boser, Mark Madden, James Andrew Clark, Diane Oleson, M.S., Amy Galford, Gary William Micsky

Many people drink water from roadside springs in Pennsylvania. But recent research suggests that you should use caution when consuming spring water. More
Water Supply Protection, Testing, and Interpretation
Water Supply Protection, Testing, and Interpretation - Videos Videos
Learn how to test and protect your private water well, spring or cistern. More
Solving Water Problems
Solving Water Problems - Videos Videos
Most drinking water issues can be resolved by considering water treatment, pollution control, or alternative water sources. More
Where Does Your Drinking Water Come From?
Where Does Your Drinking Water Come From? - Videos Videos
Educational resources on proper management of private water systems including wells, springs, and cisterns. More