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Vincent Cotrone, Penn State University
Recovering from Storm Damage: Assessing Trees on Your Property - Workshops Workshops
Following recent storms that have damaged numerous trees, it is important to learn how to evaluate tree condition, defects and risks associated with them. More
Pollinator Garden
Spring Blooms: Small Trees and Native Perennials - Workshops Workshops
Learn about perennials you can plant in your own garden, and which plants have the highest ecological value. More
Young Ginger harvested in Late September
Growing Ginger and Turmeric in the City - Workshops Workshops
Learn different techniques for growing ginger and turmeric in varying site conditions More
Apple Cultivars for the Retail Market
Apple Cultivars for the Retail Market - Videos Videos

Apple Cultivars for the Retail Market

Robert Crassweller, Ph.D., Tara Baugher, Michael Basedow


The following apples are excellent choices for retail markets. These include well-known cultivars, and some less familiar apples with characteristics that will help them stand out in the farm stand. More