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Photo: Bill Lamont, Penn State
Pumpkin Cultivar Trial Results - Articles Articles

Pumpkin Cultivar Trial Results

Elsa Sanchez, Ph.D., Timothy Elkner, Robert Pollock, Tom Butzler, William Lamont, Jr., Ph.D.

We evaluated twenty-one pumpkin cultivars in 2016 and 2017. More
NJ 9-2-1 (trialed as NJ 3) was a high-yielding and excellent flavored variety but the berry shape is not typical. Photo: Tim Elkner
Strawberry Cultivars for Plasticulture - Articles Articles

Strawberry Cultivars for Plasticulture

Kathy Demchak, Timothy Elkner

We collected data on performance of strawberry cultivars in the second harvest year of a plasticulture planting. More
Scurf on sweet potato. Photo by Charles Averre, NC State University through
Scurf on Sweet Potato - Articles Articles

Scurf on Sweet Potato

Timothy Elkner

Scurf is a superficial discoloration of the roots and it does not affect eating quality. However, sweet potatoes with scurf are more difficult to market. More