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Photo by Tricia Borneman, Blooming Glen Farm
Manteniendo Frescos los Productos Agrícolas Frescos - Articles Articles
Manejo postcosecha para venta en mercados de agricultores y venta directa de la huerta a instituciones. More
John Grande, Snyder Research Station showing how to modify your sprayer.
Better Coverage From Your Backpack Sprayer - Articles Articles
If you rely on a backpack sprayer, it is important to choose the right sprayer, calibrate correctly, measure correctly and use the right nozzles. More
Photo: Loy Elliot
Grant and Loan Opportunities for Starting your Farm - Articles Articles
There is very little grant money available but here are a few resources for loan and grant organizations to help you as you start or grow your farm. More
Figure 1. Caterpillar or sawfly? Accurate identification of the pest is critical when using bio-insecticides. Bt products will control small caterpillars, but would be ineffective on the sawfly larva shown in this photo.
Bio-insecticides in Greenhouse Ornamentals - Articles Articles
Bio-pesticides, also known as biological pesticides, are defined by the US EPA as pesticides derived from natural materials such as animals, plants, bacteria, fungi, and certain minerals. More
Tools for Writing a Farm Food Safety Plan
Tools for Writing a Farm Food Safety Plan - Articles Articles

Tools for Writing a Farm Food Safety Plan

Luke LaBorde, Ph.D., Lee Stivers

Penn State Extension offers a set of templates, checklist and logs, to assist farmers of fresh fruits and vegetables in writing farm food safety plans. More
Zenik Crespo (back, right) assists Hispanic participants as they identify weeds at Johnston’s Everygreen Nursery in Erie. Photo: L. Follett, Johnston’s Evergreen Nursery
Bilingual Workshops Teach Integrated Weed Management - Articles Articles
Penn State Extension has developed new resources for weed management and is beginning to offer bilingual training opportunities. More
Orchard IPM - Apple Scab Scouting and Management
Orchard IPM - Apple Scab Scouting and Management - Articles Articles

Orchard IPM - Apple Scab Scouting and Management

Kari A. Peter, Ph.D., Tianna DuPont

Make sure you know where apple scab overwinters, how to monitor, and when it is most likely to appear. More
Predator mite attacking European red mite. Photo courtesy of Dr. David Biddinger
Orchard IPM - European Red Mite Biological Control - Articles Articles

Orchard IPM - European Red Mite Biological Control

Dave Biddinger, Ph.D., Tara Baugher, Tianna DuPont

Infestations of red mites can result in smaller fruit and a reduced fruit bloom the following season. More
Let new blueberry plants grow for two or even three years before allowing them to set fruit.
Blueberry Establishment - Getting off to the Right Start - Articles Articles
For a crop that may fruit for fifty years under the right care, it is critical to get blueberry plants off to a strong, healthy start. More
Manejo en la Postcosecha de Bayas
Manejo en la Postcosecha de Bayas - Articles Articles

Manejo en la Postcosecha de Bayas

Montserrat Fonseca Estrada

Las bayas (fresas, frambuesas, zarzamoras, y arándanos) son frutas maravillosas; además de ser deliciosas y nutritivas tienen buen precio en el mercado. More
Moldboard plowing, shown here, is a type of primary tillage. Photo courtesy of Penn State Extension
Introduction to Soils: Managing Soils - Articles Articles
This article provides information on how different soil management practices affect soil quality and crop production. More
Recolección de una muestra para análisis de suelo. Foto cortesiá de Penn State Extension
Introducción a los Suelos: La Calidad de los Suelos - Articles Articles
La calidad del suelo es lo bien que el suelo hace lo que queremos que haga. Un suelo sano y de alta calidad es fértil, tiene buena estructura del suelo y es biológicamente activo. More
Collecting a soil sample to measure soil quality. Photo courtesy of Penn State Extension.
Introduction to Soils: Soil Quality - Articles Articles
Soil quality is how well soil does what we want it to do. A healthy, high-quality soil is fertile, has good soil structure, and is biologically active. More
Dave King and his son Eli.
Models for the Future: Harvest Valley Farm - Articles Articles

Models for the Future: Harvest Valley Farm

Marley E Skinner, Lee Stivers

Harvest Valley Farms is a fourth generation family farm. The farm is now owned and operated by Larry, Art, and David King. More
Selecting the Right Seeding and Transplanting Strategies
Selecting the Right Seeding and Transplanting Strategies - Articles Articles
Figure out which strategies and what equipment fit with your scale, your finances, and your style with this overview. More
Photo by Tricia Borneman, Blooming Glen Farm
Keeping Produce Fresh: Best Practices for Producers - Articles Articles
Fruit and vegetable producers can follow these best practices for keeping produce fresh and safe in the field, at harvest, and through proper postharvest steps of cooling, washing, storage, and packing. More
Sowbugs and pillbugs congregate in moist areas. Photo by Sinclair Adam.
Sowbugs and Pillbugs: Occasional but Destructive Greenhouse Pests - Articles Articles
We hear periodic reports of sowbug and/or pillbug outbreaks in greenhouses and high tunnels in Pennsylvania. More
Transplanting by hand can be labor-intensive.
Taking it to the Field: Seeding and Transplanting Vegetables - Articles Articles
Stand establishment is one of the most critical steps in producing a successful crop of vegetables. More
Photo: Tianna DuPont
Lo Que Necesita Saber Para Producir Trasplantes Sanos - Articles Articles
Muchas de las hortalizas comienzan como trasplantes en un invernadero y luego se plantan en el campo para su producción. More
El Establecimiento en el Campo: Siembra y Trasplante De Hortalizas
El Establecimiento en el Campo: Siembra y Trasplante De Hortalizas - Articles Articles
La plantación de la parcela es uno de los pasos más críticos en la producción de hortalizas. More
When retail greenhouse space gets scarce, plants literally get stacked up. Photo: L. Stivers, Penn State
When Plants Back Up in the Retail Greenhouse - Articles Articles
Timing product supply and quality with peak customer demand is often a challenge for greenhouse operators. More
Photo: U.S. Department of Agriculture, (CC BY 2.0)
Biología de las Semillas y de las Plántulas - Articles Articles
La mayoría de las hortalizas comienzan sus vidas como semillas. More
Photo: Tianna Dupont
What You Need to Grow Healthy Transplants - Articles Articles
Many vegetable crops are started in the greenhouse as transplants, and then planted out into the field for crop production. More
Carrot transplants are grown in large quantities in Italy. They must be transplanted before the taproot reaches the bottom of the tray cell. Photo: G. Rampinini
Which Vegetable Will We Be Transplanting Next? - Articles Articles
Growers have figured out how to transplant vegetable crops that we once thought could only be direct-seeded in the field. More
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