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2017 Apple Maturity Assessments—Week Five
2017 Apple Maturity Assessments—Week Five - News News
Focus on Honeycrisp, what a difference a week makes! More
Topworked block of hard cider varieties under trial at the Penn State Fruit Research and Extension Center. Photo: Tara Baugher, Penn State
Penn State Cider Orchard Production Survey Findings - News News
The Penn State Extension Tree Fruit Team conducted a survey to assess the needs of hard cider fruit producers across the state and the Mid-Atlantic region. More
Photo 1: Measuring the starch pattern index. Photo by Kathy Hunt, University of Maryland
2017 Apple Maturity Assessments—Week Four - News News
With the continued cooler temperatures and heavy rainfall in August, fruit size and red color are good. Gala harvest is in full swing; picking began soon after we sampled. More
Ultima Gala (left) Honeycrisp (right) Photo: Kathleen W. Hunt, University of Maryland
2017 Apple Maturity Assessments—Week One - News News
August 1, 2017 we collected our first fruit samples for assessments of the maturity of Premier Honeycrisp, Honeycrisp, Buckeye Gala, and Ultima Gala. More
Range of Premier Honeycrisp maturities for the whole tree strip-picked on August 15, 2017. Fruits were hand-sorted in the laboratory for a storage study, using 1962 USDA Golden Delicious Color Chips. Photo: Kathy Hunt, University of Maryland
2017 Apple Maturity Assessments—Week Three - News News
Week 3 maturity assessments indicate a need to be ready for an early apple harvest and possible spray applications to prevent preharvest drop. More
Buckeye Gala (left) Premier Honeycrisp (right) Photos: T. Baugher, Penn State
2017 Apple Maturity Assessments—Week Two - News News
This week, maturity of Premier Honeycrisp, Honeycrisp and two red Gala cultivars are compared. More
Blush and ground color changes as fruit mature. Photo: Brianne Redman
Assessing Apple Fruit Maturity in 2017 - News News
This is the second year of a grower-funded project to routinely assess fruit starch levels, ground color, and other maturity indices. More
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Reaching Your Target Audience - News News

Reaching Your Target Audience


Does your organization see expected participation at events? If this is a challenge, then it's time to evaluate your approach to reaching your target audience. More