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Grape leaves exhibiting phenoxy-type herbicide damage in 2017. Photo: T. Delvalle, Penn State
Herbicide Drift and Drift Related Damage - Articles Articles
Pesticide applicators are responsible for drift related damage and could face a potential lawsuit. More
Aerial image of Penn State’s research hopyard at Rock Springs. Photo by T. Delvalle, Penn State
Are You Using a sUAS as a Tool? - Articles Articles
You probably have heard of (or observed) the use of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) throughout the country. More
Drift herbicide damage on tomato.
Using Proper Herbicide Formulations to Prevent Damage - Articles Articles
Use the proper herbicide formulations to prevent damage to non-target plants. More
On the Road: A Visit with Kenny Stehr and Sons Farm
On the Road: A Visit with Kenny Stehr and Sons Farm - Articles Articles

On the Road: A Visit with Kenny Stehr and Sons Farm

Elsa Sanchez, Ph.D., Tanner Delvalle, William Lamont, Jr., Ph.D.

We visited Brett and Henry Stehr of Kenny Stehr and Sons Farm located in Pitman, Pennsylvania. More
Spurge infestation in relation to mowing height. Far left is mowed at 1 inch, middle at 1.75 inches, right at 2.5 inches. Photo: Dr. Pete Landschoot, Penn State
The Impact of Mowing on Weed Pressure - Articles Articles
Perhaps the single most important (and easiest) management tool to control weeds in turf is performing proper mowing practices. More
Tips to Improve Your Lawn Care Program This Fall
Tips to Improve Your Lawn Care Program This Fall - Articles Articles
As nighttime temperatures dip into the low 50s and the days continue to get shorter, one thing is certain; fall is coming. More
Photo: Mali Unaba, Creative Commons license
Become Familiar with Heat Illness Symptoms - Articles Articles
When summer temperatures climb, it is extremely important that employers and workers become familiar with the signs, symptoms, and dangers of heat illness. More
Photo: The Dow Gardens Archive, Dow Gardens,, showy forsythia, Forsythia x intermedia
Amines or Esters; Which Should You Use? - Articles Articles
As the forsythia comes into full bloom and dandelions show their beauty, one thing is certain; spring is upon us. More
Photo: Bruce Ackley, The Ohio State University, Annual Bluegrass
Suppression of Annual Bluegrass or Crabgrass - Articles Articles

Suppression of Annual Bluegrass or Crabgrass

Tanner Delvalle, Peter Landschoot, Ph.D., Jeff Borger, M.S.

Seedbed establishment for fine turf can be extremely difficult, and is often considered an art form. More