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Greenhouse and nursery for vegetables and ornamentals at the Southeast Agricultural Research & Extension Center in Landisville, PA
A Water Quality Toolkit for Greenhouse and Nursery Production - Articles Articles
Water quality plays a critical role in determining successful production of nursery and greenhouse crops, and should be considered in fertilization management and disease control. More
What is this Plant in my Pond?
What is this Plant in my Pond? - Articles Articles
Learn how to eliminate aquatic plants that have suddenly overtaken your pond, and have become a problem either aesthetically or for the pond’s recreational use. More
A small roadside spring located along a state forest road in northcentral Pennsylvania.
Roadside Springs - Articles Articles

Roadside Springs

Bryan Swistock, Susan Boser, Mark Madden

This article discusses a research study on the water quality and use of numerous roadside springs across Pennsylvania. More