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Japanese beetle in soybeans. Image Credit: Anna Busch
Soybean Board Sentinel Plot Program Report for July 11, 2018 - News News
Our soybean sentinel plots continue to have minor insect and disease populations, but walk your own fields to see what is active at your place. More
Penn State Extension organized a recent trip for Pennsylvania soybean growers and industry to study state-of-the-art crop management in Brazil. One of the field visits took place at K2 Agro in Ponta Grossa. Photo by James Valent
Penn State Extension Provides Clients with 'Study-abroad' Opportunities - News News
Penn State Extension educators are looking beyond borders when it comes to outreach by offering Pennsylvania growers and industry personnel a firsthand look at agriculture in other countries. More
A field with and without a soybean burndown herbicide program. Photo: Dwight Lingenfelter, Penn State Weed Science
Dicamba Products and Xtend Soybeans - News News
Not all dicamba-containing products are RUPs and not all can be applied in a burndown application prior to planting Xtend soybeans. More
Figure 1. Sudden Dealth Syndrome of Soybean
Fields with Patches that Looked “Burned”: Sudden Death Syndrome of Soybean - News News
Sudden death syndrome is a fungal disease caused by Fusarium virguliforme, and can easily be mistaken for several different soybean diseases if care is not taken to identify the different symptoms. More
Estimating Soybean Yield Estimating Soybean Yield - News

Estimating Soybean Yield


Spending the time to count soybean pods can help to set end of season yield expectations and avoid surprises on the combine’s yield monitor or at drop-off. More
Figure 1. White mold in soybean. Photo credit: Paul Esker
What to Do if I Have White Mold in Soybean? - News News
White Mold like many soybean diseases is favored by wet weather and excess soil moisture. More
Burcucumber (Sicyos angulatus)
Managing Burcucumber and Late Season Weeds in Corn and Soybeans - News News
As we move into corn silage harvest season, and with full season soybeans soon dropping their leaves, producers may notice some problem weed situations. More
Kudzu Bug Photo Credit: Jeremy Greene, Clemson University
Kudzu Bug: Still Approaching? - News News

Kudzu Bug: Still Approaching?


In 2013, an exotic soybean pest, the kudzu bug, was approaching PA. Recently, kudzu bug adults & egg masses were found on soybeans in Beltsville, MD. More
Palmer amaranth infestation in soybeans Photo credit: Bill Curran
Invasive Pigweeds Rising Above Soybean Canopies - News News
Now is the time to scout for Palmer amaranth and waterhemp and remove or destroy it to prevent seed production and spread. More
Soybean Sentinel Plot Program August 8, 2017 Soybean Sentinel Plot Program August 8, 2017 - News
Reports this week from across the state indicate low pest populations in the soybean fields we are scouting. More
Soybean Sentinel Plot Program August 1, 2017
Soybean Sentinel Plot Program August 1, 2017 - News News
Reports continue to indicate very mild insect pressure and little disease as soybeans across the state continue to bloom and are starting to form pods. More
Soybean Sentinel Plot Program July 18, 2017
Soybean Sentinel Plot Program July 18, 2017 - News News
Reports indicate low pest populations in the soybean fields around the state. For most issues, there is little economic return in applying insecticides. More
Grey leaf spot in lower corn canopy
Let's Talk Diseases in Corn and Beans - News News
When crop canopies close and humidity levels rise, you can bet the fungi that cause diseases are getting happy. Scout to make good fungicide decisions for your fields. More
Corn and Soybeans Turn the Corner
Corn and Soybeans Turn the Corner - News News
Corn and soybeans have survived a rough spring with weather and pest concerns, but weather and yield prospects have been improving during the last two weeks. More
Soybean Sentinel Plot Program - July 12, 2017
Soybean Sentinel Plot Program - July 12, 2017 - News News
Most soybean fields appear to be growing well and are starting to experience some minor defoliation. More
A crowd gathers at a farm in Clinton County to discuss opportunities for managing soil health and planting green.
Planting Green and Soil Health the Focus of June Field Day - News News
Planting green is a practice where cover crop termination is delayed until cash crop planting in order to extend soil health benefits longer into the season. More
Soybean Sentinel Plot Program - June 28, 2017
Soybean Sentinel Plot Program - June 28, 2017 - News News
With better growing conditions, most soybean fields seem to be growing well and have left slug damage behind (with few or no exceptions, I hope). More
Midseason Weed Control Issues Midseason Weed Control Issues - News

Midseason Weed Control Issues


As we proceed through the growing season, there are a few issues surrounding weed control and herbicide use. Below are some items to consider. More
Soybean field
Is Small Grain Herbicide Carryover a Concern? - News News
Most small grain herbicides used in our region do not limit double cropping soybean. However, other crops such as alfalfa may be restricted. More
Take Time to Calibrate Your Grain Drill
Take Time to Calibrate Your Grain Drill - News News
Do you really know your seeding rate? Before you hit the field to plant soybeans, make sure your drill is calibrated. More
Manage Horseweed/Marestail Before You Plant Soybeans - News News
Be sure you are scouting for marestail before you plant your no-till soybeans and using effective herbicides with both burndown and residual control. More
Planter Performance in No-till Planter Performance in No-till - News

Planter Performance in No-till


Poor planter performance is one of the major reasons for yield reduction in no-till. Take a few minutes to review this checklist to ensure optimum planter performance. More
Herbicides for RoundupReady 2 Xtend Soybeans Approved Herbicides for RoundupReady 2 Xtend Soybeans Approved - News
PDA approved Xtendimax and Engenia for Xtend soybeans in Pennsylvania. We see opportunity for marestail control in burndown programs, but also concerns about off-target movement and sprayer cleanout. More