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The Basics of Bio Control of Insects for Greenhouses and Nurseries
The Basics of Bio Control of Insects for Greenhouses and Nurseries - Videos Videos
Bio control of insects in greenhouses and nurseries is a pest management strategy that is increasing in use and application. This video covers some of the bio control agents (BCA's) that are being used in horticultural applications. More
Thrips larvae. Photo: Sinclair Adam, Penn State
Greenhouse Growers, Are You Ready for Thrips? - News News
As greenhouse producers are preparing for spring and the flowers become more numerous, it is time to get ready for those dreaded thrips. More
Highlights of the 2017 Penn State Flower Trials
Highlights of the 2017 Penn State Flower Trials - News News
In 2017, 931 entries were in the Penn State Flower trials at the Southeast Agricultural Research and Extension Center, in Manheim PA. More
The African Sunset petunia is one of the genetically engineered varieties that the USDA is asking breeders to destroy. Photo: S. Adam, Penn State
Illegal Petunias Pulled From Flower Trials - News News
As horticultural producers of bedding plants are winding down the busy spring season, it came as a shock to many that some of the petunias being produced are actually illegal. More
Scolia dubia on goldenrod / David Hill / platycryptus on BY 4.0
Blue winged wasp, Scolia dubia—is a real asset! - Articles Articles
Have you seen this wasp flying over the landscape about 12” above the ground, circling in a mass of its fellow wasps? More
2015 Perennial Plant of the Year™ Geranium xcantabrigiense 'Biokovo' Photo: Sinclair Adam
Hardy Geraniums: Excellent Garden Plants - Articles Articles
There is an ever-increasing array of excellent hardy Geranium species and cultivars that are strong performers in most of Pennsylvania. More
Cercospora spp., Cercospora fungi Photo: Yonghao Li, The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station,
Leaf Spotting Fungi - Articles Articles

Leaf Spotting Fungi

Sinclair Adam

Leaf spotting fungi comprise a wide range of plant disease pathogens that do injury to many host plants. More
Calibrachoa Culture and Management
Calibrachoa Culture and Management - Articles Articles
Calibrachoa is closely related to the petunia and was first introduced to Europe in the early 19th century about the same time as the petunia. More
Beneficial Insects Can Help the Garden Flourish
Beneficial Insects Can Help the Garden Flourish - Articles Articles
Flies in the family Syrphidae are helpful allies in the garden and in the greenhouse or nursery. More
Tissue cultured plantlets: just from the lab
Tissue Culture Finishing for Greenhouse Growers: Stage III-Stage IV - Articles Articles
In the past 25 years great development has occurred in tissue culture plant production for horticulture. More
The cultivar 'City Lights'.
Fuchsias Then and Now - Articles Articles

Fuchsias Then and Now

Sinclair Adam

Fuchsias are typically sold in hanging baskets, but are also produced as standards. More