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Play it Cool with Stored Grain
Play it Cool with Stored Grain - Articles Articles
Prevent mold in stored grain by making easy adjustments to temperature in the bin. More
Double Cropping Soybeans or Planting Soybeans Late?
Double Cropping Soybeans or Planting Soybeans Late? - Articles Articles
Early planting versus late planting, soybean planting strategy changes later in the growing season. More
Calibration of Grain/Seed Drills
Calibration of Grain/Seed Drills - Articles Articles

Calibration of Grain/Seed Drills

Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA, Ron Hoover

The seed delivery system in drills is not as precise as that used in planters because they use flutes or sponges to meter seed instead of seed singulation. More
Howard F. Schwartz, Colorado State University,
Got Rye Seed? - Articles Articles
Since rye is stored over the hot weather months before use, it has the potential for infestation and damage from insects. More
Early Season Wheat Assessment
Early Season Wheat Assessment - Articles Articles
Making early decisions about management of wheat fields in February. More
Figure 1. Checking wheat plant populations
Wheat Stand Assessment - Articles Articles
Check on the effects of late planting and/or winter weather. More
Figure 1. Crazing is an early sign of tank deterioration
Poly Got a Cracker? - Articles Articles
The life of a poly tank will depend, among other things, on the thickness and quality of the material and how much sunlight (UV) it is exposed to. More
Fumigation Management Plan
Fumigation Management Plan - Articles Articles
Phosphine product labels now state that a written fumigation management plan is required before an application is made. More