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Mosquito fern can cover the pond surface. Photo: Adam McClain, Adams County Conservation District
Mosquito Fern in Pennsylvania Ponds - Articles Articles
Mosquito fern is a Pennsylvania native waterfern that can be a nuisance in your pond. More
Water Chestnut Rosette Photo: Leslie J. Mehrhoff, University of Connecticut,
Focus on Aquatic Invasive Species – European Water Chestnut - Articles Articles
The European Water chestnut has nothing to do with the edible variety. It is a rooted aquatic plant that can dominate ponds, shallow lakes, and rivers. More
Farm Pond Safety
Farm Pond Safety - Articles Articles

Farm Pond Safety

Linda Fetzer

Farm ponds, lagoons and water wells are often found on Pennsylvania farms and all have contributed to accidental drownings. More
Calibration of Grain/Seed Drills
Calibration of Grain/Seed Drills - Articles Articles

Calibration of Grain/Seed Drills

Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA, Ron Hoover

The seed delivery system in drills is not as precise as that used in planters because they use flutes or sponges to meter seed instead of seed singulation. More
Mid-Atlantic Pocket Guide to Water Garden Species
Mid-Atlantic Pocket Guide to Water Garden Species - Articles Articles
This information is intended to help select native aquatic plant alternatives and avoid invasive plant species. This guide is intended as a portable reference. More
Photo: Bryan Swistock, Penn State University
Winterkill in Ponds - Articles Articles
In the winter water gets much colder and ice may cover the top of the pond for an extended period of time. How does this affect the animals living in the pond? More
A small roadside spring located along a state forest road in northcentral Pennsylvania.
Roadside Springs - Articles Articles

Roadside Springs

Bryan Swistock, Susan Boser, Mark Madden

This article discusses a research study on the water quality and use of numerous roadside springs across Pennsylvania. More