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The number of people certified in Pennsylvania’s Act 49 Manure Hauler and Broker Certification Program and percentage of individuals in each certification category (Provided by Michael Aucoin, Pa State Conservation Commission, December 2018)
Certification of Professional Manure Handlers Can Influence Water Quality - News News
This article describes Pennsylvania’s Act 49 Commercial Manure Hauler and Broker Certification Program and provides interesting results from a recent industry survey that demonstrates program impact on participant knowledge. More
Manure storages that capture runoff from barn roofs or other impervious surfaces are likely to fill up sooner than expected due to the extreme rainfall this summer. Image credit: Charlie White
Manure Management When Storages Fill Up Sooner than Expected - News News
With the extreme rainfall over the last month, some farms may need to start emptying manure storages sooner than normal. Here are some points to consider when doing so. More
Bale grazing can strategically place manure nutrients and organic matter over wide areas of pastured land, where the nutrients and organic matter can benefit pasture soils during the coming growing season. (Photo by Dr. Jessica Williamson, Penn State)
Managing for Nutrient and Soil Retention in Pastured Lands - News News
Managing pastures for nutrient and soil retention is in the best interest of producers and the environment. More
Manure collection tank at Beltsville (Maryland) Agricultural Research Center.
Reoccurring Themes of Manure Gas Deaths - Articles Articles
Manure gas deaths keep occurring around the world. What can we do to make manure handling safer? More
Carefully Approach Spring Manure Applications
Carefully Approach Spring Manure Applications - Articles Articles
Patience and timing will help you maximize the value of manure applied this spring. More
Open Air Manure Storage Safety Tips
Open Air Manure Storage Safety Tips - Articles Articles

Open Air Manure Storage Safety Tips

Robert Meinen, Davis E. Hill, Dennis Murphy, Ph.D.

Non-enclosed manure storages are open to the atmosphere, but still meet the definition of a confined space in terms of occupational safety and health. More