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After restoring your stream side property, how can you measure the success of your efforts?
First Investigation of Stream Health (FISH) Protocol - Articles Articles

First Investigation of Stream Health (FISH) Protocol

Jennifer R Fetter, Kristen Kyler

Do you enjoy outdoor activities? Become a citizen scientist. First Investigation of Stream Health (FISH) monitors changes to local streams and their habitats. More
Figure 1. Green roof profile schematic including materials typically included in construction.
Green Roofs for Stormwater - Articles Articles

Green Roofs for Stormwater

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D., Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

Guidance on how green roofs can be constructed and how they can be expected to contribute to solving stormwater problems. More
An aquatic herbicide being applied with a backpack sprayer.
Permit Requirement for Use of An Aquatic Herbicide in Ponds - Articles Articles
If you use any aquatic herbicide on your pond to control algae or aquatic plants, you must first obtain a state permit. More
Principles of Turfgrass Irrigation
Principles of Turfgrass Irrigation - Articles Articles
While the basic concepts of a good watering program may appear simple, in actual practice there are many and varied problems associated with the successful application of each. More
K.A. Barbarick,
Sewage Sludge - A Plain English Tour of the Regulations - Articles Articles
At first reading, regulatory language often is difficult to understand because it is written to be technically accurate and legally precise. More
Biosolids Quality Biosolids Quality - Articles
Application of sewage sludge to farmland has been a common practice in Pennsylvania for many years and allows this material to be recycled, rather than incinerated or disposed of in landfills. More
Effects of Biosolids on Soil and Crop Quality
Effects of Biosolids on Soil and Crop Quality - Articles Articles
Results of a three-year research project that investigated how agronomic biosolids utilization has affected soil and crop quality. More
Glass of water
The Water We Drink - Articles Articles

The Water We Drink

Jennifer R Fetter

Written for youth in grades 6-12, this tool introduces public and private water systems and includes an activity on how to read a water quality test report. More
Lead in Drinking Water
Lead in Drinking Water - Articles Articles

Lead in Drinking Water

Bryan Swistock, William Sharpe, Ph.D.

Learn how to determine if your drinking water contains too much lead, and discover ways to reduce lead in your water. More
Irrigation is considered preharvest water.
Safe Uses of Agricultural Water - Articles Articles

Safe Uses of Agricultural Water

Luke LaBorde, Ph.D.

Risk factors associated with the water we use to grow, harvest, and handle fresh produce and how to reduce the risk of contamination. More
Fish ponds provide can aesthetic beauty, wildlife habitat, fishing, swimming, as well as water for livestock, irrigation, or fire protection.
Management of Fish Ponds in Pennsylvania - Articles Articles

Management of Fish Ponds in Pennsylvania

Bryan Swistock, William Sharpe, Ph.D.

Are you building a new pond on your property? Do you already have a pond that you use for swimming, irrigation, fishing, or other activities? More
Groundwater Basics
Groundwater Basics - Articles Articles
Everyone can and should do something to protect groundwater. Why? We all have a stake in maintaining its quality and quantity. More
Water Well Maintenance and Rehabilitation
Water Well Maintenance and Rehabilitation - Articles Articles
Water wells require regular maintenance to ensure adequate water flow and optimum water quality. More
A group of youth learn about the importance of water clarity at a Penn State Extension program.
Youth Water Education - Articles Articles

Youth Water Education

Jennifer R Fetter

A variety of resources and opportunities are available from Penn State Extension to help you provide youth with water education experiences. More
Altenanthera spp. Photo: T. Ford, Penn State
Elevated Sodium in Irrigation Water and Crop Injury - Articles Articles
Elevated sodium and chloride levels are being observed more frequently in private water supplies in rural areas. More
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