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Pear psylla adults feeding on pear shoot. Photo G. Krawczyk, Penn State
Entomology Update: End of April, 2018 - News News
As the 2018 growing season slowly progresses, the pest and beneficial insects are also getting ready for the season. More
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Spring Cleaning for your Refrigerator and Pantry - News News
Spring is a great time to deep clean your refrigerator and pantry. More
image: Ethan Rowland
TeenShale Network Learn From Mock Spill - News News
High school students learn firsthand in monitoring water quality around shale development. More
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Penn State Behrend will Connect Erie Companies to $6 Billion Energy Project - News News
University commits $250,000 for Energy University Partnership More
The UN Sustainable Development Goals on Affordable and Clean Energy - News News
Series of policy briefs from the United Nations indicate the world is not on track to achieve goals set for universal energy access. More
No Empty Chairs at Bilingual Workshop on GAP and Pruning Fruit Trees
No Empty Chairs at Bilingual Workshop on GAP and Pruning Fruit Trees - News News
On Saturday, April 7th, 2018, Penn State Extension offered a practical field training for Spanish-speaking growers and workers in the fruit industry. More
Severe powdery mildew infections can abort blossoms. Photo: K. Peter, Penn State
Disease Update: Control for Powdery Mildew and Apple Scab This Week - News News
Tight cluster is the time powdery mildew spores become active. April 24 – 25, 2018 is a predicted scab infection period; be sure trees are covered with protection. More
Courtesy Penn State Extension
Well Mechanical Integrity Data Available for Pennsylvania Wells - News News
DEP provides inspection data on conventional and unconventional oil and gas wells for the past four years. More
Thinning Peach Blossoms: Increase Fruit Size and Reduce Labor Requirement
Thinning Peach Blossoms: Increase Fruit Size and Reduce Labor Requirement - News News
Peach blossoms are just starting to open this season, and full bloom will be more than a week later than normal. More
Spotted lanternfly empty egg cases. Photo: Emelie Swackhamer, Penn State
Spotted Lanternfly Permits for Transporting Goods - News News
The spotted lanternfly permitting process is new in the Pennsylvania quarantined area for business, government, and other organizations. More
Master Gardener, Roberta Cammer teaches students IPM (Integrated Pest Management)
Poison Prevention Program in Lackawanna County - News News
Penn State Master Gardeners Roberta Cammer and Elizabeth Bradshaw presented the Poison Prevention Program to first graders classrooms at Carbondale Elementary School and Mayfield Elementary School, reaching more than 160 first grade students. More
Penn State Extension organized a recent trip for Pennsylvania soybean growers and industry to study state-of-the-art crop management in Brazil. One of the field visits took place at K2 Agro in Ponta Grossa. Photo by James Valent
Penn State Extension Provides Clients with 'Study-abroad' Opportunities - News News
Penn State Extension educators are looking beyond borders when it comes to outreach by offering Pennsylvania growers and industry personnel a firsthand look at agriculture in other countries. More
An African Marigold being grown at the proper pH. Photo: Tom Ford, Penn State
Milk is Not a Substitute for Flowable Lime Rescue Treatments - News News
Low media pH has been known to increase the risk of iron and manganese toxicity in some horticultural crops like geraniums and African marigolds. More
April 2 snow at Rock Springs. Photo: Rob Crassweller, Penn State
NEWA IPM Monitoring Available for Growers - News News
Funding from the SHAP Extension Committee has purchased a statewide membership to the NEWA IPM Monitoring system for 2018. More
Keep green tissue protected from apple scab. Photo: K. Peter, Penn State
Disease Update: Scab Infection Period April 15 – 16, 2018 - News News
April 15–16 is predicted to be a scab infection period due to green tip present and mature scab spores available. Copper applications recently applied will offer protection. More