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Inspirational Leadership Matters: The Four I's of Leadership
Inspirational Leadership Matters: The Four I's of Leadership - News News
There is a growing interest from business to encourage leadership skills, develop leadership abilities, and build leadership knowledge. More
Photo 1: Manure injection in early May in western Chester County, PA. Twenty-foot wide toolbar supports injectors that are spaced 24 inches apart. Photo credit: Leon Ressler, Penn State
Manure Injection in PA Gets a Boost with National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Grant - News News
Newly awarded grant will be used to cover the cost difference between injecting and surface applying manure. More
Slug damage to cotyledon stage soybeans in Centre County (image by Adriana Murillo-Williams, PSU Extension)
Pest Populations Appear to be Mild at the Moment, But Stay Vigilant - News News
Insect and slug populations do not appear to be causing much damage, yet but keep scouting to understand local populations. More
Photo: Penn State Pesticide Education
Worker Protection Standard Update - News News
The 2015 EPA Worker Protection Standard (WPS) revision is now in full effect with the only exception being the requirement for new training materials. More
Are your berries turning brown and drying up? Check to see that the pedicle is not damaged. Photo: Kathy Demchak, Penn State
Causes of Strawberry Blossom Blights and Dried Berries - News News
The warm wet weather the past couple of weeks together with high humidity is creating perfect conditions for a number of strawberry diseases. More
Be on alert for apple scab disease conditions until mid-June. Photo: Kari Peter, Penn State
Tree Fruit Disease Conditions Were on Steroids in May - News News
Conditions were incredibly optimal for many tree fruit diseases during the month of May. Management strategies for pome and stone fruit diseases are discussed. More
One of the park's main features: the 20 acre prairie ecosystem featuring the Blazing Star (Liatris spicata)
Ask the Master Gardeners of Butler County - News News
Penn State Master Gardeners of Butler County educational outreach series at the Gateway Native Gardens at Jennings Environmental Education Center on June 16, July 15, and August 11th. More
Scout for fire blight in your orchard. Photo: Kari Peter, Penn State
Disease Update: Dealing with Fire Blight Infections - News News
Reports of fire blight infections have started to occur. The dos and don’ts of managing fire blight infections are discussed. More
Codling moth injured fruit. Photo: Greg Krawczyk, Penn State
First Generation Codling Moth Update May 25, 2018 - News News
It is a perfect time right now to start the insecticide management of the codling moth (CM) in pome fruit orchards. More
North Dakota Pipeline Leak Detection Initiative Announced - News News
iPIPE consortium brings emerging technology and stakeholders together to meet needs of monitoring and maintaining safe pipelines. More
Cornell Carbohydrate Model Run: May 25, 2018
Cornell Carbohydrate Model Run: May 25, 2018 - News News
Warm temperatures are affecting thinning. Most stations across the state are forecasting high temperatures to be in the 80’s today and for the next several days. More
Penn State Extension Kiosks at Produce Auctions Provide Information for Growers
Penn State Extension Kiosks at Produce Auctions Provide Information for Growers - News News
Penn State Extension sets up kiosks at produce auctions across the state to provide growers with timely information on disease and pest identification and management, invasive species alerts, and food safety. More
Mechanical peach blossom thinner commercialized as a result of multi-state research led by Penn State. Photo: Loy Elliott
Grower Input Needed For Industry Engineering Needs Assessment - News News
The Penn State Fruit Research and Extension Center (FREC) is currently conducting needs assessments and would like to hear from Pennsylvania tree fruit growers. More
The FREC weather station. Photo: Kari Peter, Penn State
Exposing Your Weather Station To The Elements - News News
Weather station maintenance is very important for gathering accurate weather data, but it is just as important to make sure your well-maintained instrument is properly placed without any shade throughout the day. More
Photo: Tom Ford, Penn State
High Tunnel Soil Test Report: Soil pH - News News
Soil pH in a Survey of 27 High Tunnels in Pennsylvania More
Three-point hitch plastic mulch layers are utilized on many Pennsylvania vegetable farms to take advantage of raised beds to provide warmer better drained soil. In addition, crops stay off ground and can be easier to pick. Photo: Tom Butzler, Penn State
Vegetable Equipment Demonstrations Coming to 2018 Ag Progress Days - News News
Vegetable production is becoming big business in Pennsylvania and the numbers seem to back it up. More
Youth Cooking Skills Predict Healthier Adults and Families
Youth Cooking Skills Predict Healthier Adults and Families - News News
New research shows when 18-24 year olds believe their cooking skills are very adequate, this predicts healthful eating patterns 10 years later for them and their families. More
Epipactis helleborine. Photo: Amy Korman, Penn State
Be on the Lookout for Invasive Orchids - News News
Epipactis helleborine, the Broad-leaved Helleborine, is an invasive orchid that continues to plague Pennsylvania landscapes. More
Bags of seed corn. Photo credit: Dwane Miller.
Should I Pull the Trigger and Switch Corn Hybrid Maturities? - News News
Corn planting is lagging behind, but favorable weather should allow for planting to continue. Should you stick to your original hybrids, or switch out to shorter season corn? More
Seedcorn maggot life cycle, including the number of growing degree days (GDD, base 39F) that are needed to complete each stage. Image credit: Nick Sloff, Penn State University
Black Cutworm Moths Arriving, and Seedcorn Maggots Making Themselves Known - News News
Our first significant flight of cutworm moths arrived in PA, and we have encountered an odd situation with seedcorn maggots infesting insecticide-treated seed. More
Northeast Natural Gas Pipeline Takeaway Capacity Expected to Increase in 2018 - News News
The U.S. Energy Information Administration is tracking over 160 natural gas pipeline projects More
Grower Help Needed for Bramble Pricing and Marketing Survey
Grower Help Needed for Bramble Pricing and Marketing Survey - News News
Do you ever wonder how your bramble pricing compares to that of other growers, and how your marketing compares to that of other growers? More
M27 trees in bloom. Photo: Rob Crassweller, Penn State
Cornell Carbohydrate Model Run: May 21, 2018 - News News
Saturday in central Pennsylvania was overcast all day with early morning rain followed by rain on Sunday morning and then sun in the afternoon. More
Pollinators on Solidago rigida (stiff goldenrod) Photo credit: Connie Schmotzer
Best Plants for Pollinators - News News

Best Plants for Pollinators


Research conducted by Penn State Master Gardeners reveals the best plants to attract and support pollinators. Find out more through this article and accompanying pollinator fact sheets. More
Fruitlets. Photo: Kari Peter, Penn State
Disease Update: Managing Diseases During Wet Weather - News News
Trees need to be protected during wet conditions. The following are strategies for keeping diseases in check on apple and stone fruit during persistent rainy weather. More