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Visiting a field in Somerset County are (left to right) Brian Ishman, Local Seed Company; Ed Kreider, GROWMARK FS; and Albert McIntier, Bedford Farm Bureau Co-op. Image Credit: Zach Larson
Pennsylvania Crop Tour Assesses 2018 Growing Conditions - News News
Good, but not record-breaking yields may be expected for many farms across the state. More
Photo: Tom Ford, Penn State
High Tunnel Soil Test Report: Organic Matter and Cation Exchange Capacity - News News
Cation Exchange Capacity or CEC is a measure of the ability of a soil to hold cations or elements with positive charges. More
A Comparison of Electricity Generation Sources by State Over the Past 10 Years - News News
According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), coal is the most used electricity generation source by state in 2017, followed by natural gas. More
While spotted lanternflies will feast on a variety of plant species, they have a special fondness for Ailanthus, or tree-of-heaven. Photo: Emily Swackhamer
Spotted Lanternfly Expert Provides Tips for Home Management of Pest - News News
The pest harms host plants and can render outdoor areas unusable by leaving behind honeydew, which attracts other insects and promotes the growth of sooty mold. More
Daybreak Fuji fruit size and color in Adams County Pennsylvania on September 6, 2018. Photo: Tara Baugher, Penn State
2018 Apple Maturity Assessments: Week Seven - News News
Many locations in the Mid-Atlantic States recorded above-average temperatures and rainfall during August. These warm temperatures retarded red color development and reduced soluble solids (sugars) in Honeycrisp apples. More
Partnership for Food Safety Education
Food Safety and The Story of Your Dinner - News News
With the start of school, September is the perfect time to get back in the groove of family meals. The benefits of family meals are numerous, but keep food safety in mind during preparation and beyond. More
V-shaped lesions characteristic of black rot on the leaves of cole crops. Photo: Beth K. Gugino, Penn State
Vegetable Disease Update: September 6, 2018 - News News
New reports of cucurbit downy mildew have decreased across the region, but variable weather conditions are forecasted through the weekend. More
US Energy Information Administration
CO2 Emissions Decreased in 2017 for Energy-Related Sources - News News
According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), U.S. energy-related carbon dioxide emissions declined from 2016 levels, mainly due to decreasing coal emissions. More
2018 Wheat Planting Considerations
2018 Wheat Planting Considerations - News News
Much of our wheat yield potential is a function of decisions that are made in the fall. Take time now to make plans for a successful wheat planting season this year. More
Life stages of the Spotted Lanternfly. Credit: Penn State Extension
Spotted Lanternfly is on the Move - News News
Spotted Lanternflies are now in the adult life stage and are much more mobile. More
Ensuring Quality Silage After Excessive Rains and Flooding
Ensuring Quality Silage After Excessive Rains and Flooding - News News
Large amounts of precipitation and flooding occurred throughout Pennsylvania this summer, and harvesting quality corn silage could be of concern. More
Funding is Available to Develop Soil Conservation and Nutrient Management Plans
Funding is Available to Develop Soil Conservation and Nutrient Management Plans - News News
Funding is now available to farmers to have soil conservation and nutrient management plans written. More
Mature soybean field in Centre County. Image Credit: Adriana Murillo-Williams
Soybean Sentinel Plot Report for September 4, 2018 - News News
With soybean maturity approaching in most fields, insects and diseases are becoming less relevant, but most pest populations remain low. More
Corn earworm (CEW) and feeding on corn ear tip. Image credit: Rachel Milliron.
Identifying Corn Earworm - News News

Identifying Corn Earworm


Finding corn ears with feeding on the ear tip? More
Penn State
Sustainability in Energy Research Showcase September 10th - News News
Opportunity for students and industry leaders to network and explore current Penn State research. More
Figure 1. Tree-ripe Gala (Kidd’s D-8) apple picked in Central Maryland on August 29, 2018. This apple had a visible stem-end crack, with little starch (blue stain) in the flesh. Photo credit: Kathy Hunt, University of Maryland
2018 Apple Maturity Assessment: Week Six - News News
While Gala is a small apple, its flavor and heat tolerance has made it a mainstay of the August harvest. More
Irregular tan cracked lesions characteristic of anthracnose on a cucumber leaf. Photo: Beth Gugino, Penn State
Vegetable Disease Update: August 29, 2018 - News News
The drier conditions the past few days have slowed the epidemic spread of cucurbit downy mildew across the region. More
Photo 1. Codling moth larvae feeding inside the fruit. Photo: G. Krawczyk, Penn State
Tree Fruit Entomology Update for the End of August 2018 - News News
Pennsylvania has experienced a combined average per location of about 20 inches of rain during the last 5 weeks. More
Cover Crop Seed Shortage This Fall
Cover Crop Seed Shortage This Fall - News News
If you are planning to buy cover crop seed, it is important that you do so quickly or there might not be any available. More
Bean leaf beetle adult, showing feeding damage. Photo credit: Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University, (images used under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License).
Mexican Bean Beetle Causing Trouble? - News News
Reports from Chester County indicate there is a strong population of Mexican bean beetles defoliating soybeans. More
Are You Ready to Harvest Corn Silage?
Are You Ready to Harvest Corn Silage? - News News
The time to harvest corn silage is nearing. We took some measurements this week in Southeastern PA to see just how close we are. More
Free Legal Services for Farmers Available Through Penn State Law
Free Legal Services for Farmers Available Through Penn State Law - News News
Penn State Law is offering farmers the opportunity to obtain free legal services through its Rural Economic Development Clinic. More
2018 USDA, FSA Tariff Aid Program Details Begin to Emerge
2018 USDA, FSA Tariff Aid Program Details Begin to Emerge - News News
Specifics of assistance for farmers announced by the Department of Agriculture. More
Bitter rot on apple and pear fruit is caused by the pathogenic fungi Colletrotrichum gloeosporioides and C. acutatum. Photo: Kari Peter, Penn State
Wanted: Bitter Rot of Apple Samples From Pennsylvania Growers - News News
The Tree Fruit Pathology Lab at the Fruit Research and Extension Center is seeking apples infected with the fungus causing bitter rot from around the state of Pennsylvania in commercial orchards. More
Powdery (white spots) and downy (dark spots) mildew sporulation on the lower pumpkin leaf surface. Photo: Beth Gugino, Penn State
Vegetable Disease Update: August 23, 2018 - News News
With all the flooding it is important to remember that crops that are exposed to flood waters originating from a stream or river are considered adulterated and should not be harvested for market. More