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Eat Healthy, Stay Active This Winter - News News
Tips to eating well and staying physically active during the winter season. More
Pre-Diabetes: Make a Choice
Pre-Diabetes: Make a Choice - News News

Pre-Diabetes: Make a Choice


Pre-diabetes is a wake-up call to make changes to your lifestyle, to prevent diabetes. Learn if you are at risk and make a choice to a healthier you. More
Image Credit: evitaochel / Pixabay
Fall Veggies - Buy Now for the Best Value - News News
Fall veggies are here! Broccoli and cauliflower may be familiar to you, but don’t forget about cabbage and Brussels sprouts. More
Image: pya8300/Pixabay / is in the public domain;
Low Cost After School Snacks - News News

Low Cost After School Snacks


After a long day at school children’s minds and bodies need to be energized. More
Image Credit: taken / Pixabay/ is in the public domain
Make Your Own Baby Food and Save Money - News News
Making your own baby food can be as easy as seeing what is available from the store and finding your own recipe. More
Image Credit: stevepb / Pixabay/ is in the public domain
Food Budgeting 101 - News News

Food Budgeting 101


When it comes to managing money, grocery shopping is one area that you can save money. More
Bison painting in the Cave of Altimira, photo from Pixabay
Paleo Diet: Back to the Stone Age? - News News
What is the paleo diet? Are there science-based health benefits to following a modern day version of our hunter-gather ancestors' diet? More
Your Gut Health is Important
Your Gut Health is Important - News News

Your Gut Health is Important


There is a good bit of chatter in the media concerning gut health. It is not a new health issue but one traced back for hundreds of years. More
stocksnap/ CC0
How to Get a Better Night's Sleep - News News
Sleep can impact mental and physical health. Tips to get a better night's sleep. More
A father and daughter using a food thermometer while mom cooks in the background / SNAP-Ed Connection
Food Safety Questions and Answers: Perishable Food - News News
If pizza has been left out overnight, is it safe to eat? More
schlauschnacker/Pixabay CC0 Public Domain
Fall Back Dinners - News News

Fall Back Dinners


The seasons are changing and fall shortens our nights. More
A man and woman look at produce at a farmers’ market/SNAP-Ed Connection
Tips for Saving Money at the Grocery Store - News News
Following some simple grocery shopping tips can save money at the grocery store. More
Antonia Redigan and Karen Mays of Penn State Extension receive award from Kris Douglas, CEO of Westmoreland County Food Bank
Penn State Extension Receives Award from Westmoreland County Food Bank - News News
Recently Penn State Extension in Westmoreland County was awarded the Outstanding Donor by the Westmoreland County Food Bank. More
New Health Claim on Peanut-Containing Infant Food Labels
New Health Claim on Peanut-Containing Infant Food Labels - News News
The FDA approved a new qualified food allergy claim on food labels for infants, aiming to help reduce peanut allergies. More
Photo:United States Department of Agriculture
Recipe Redo for Food Safety - News News

Recipe Redo for Food Safety


September is national Food Safety Education Month! To celebrate, try a recipe from the Partnership for Food Safety Education that includes food safety tips. More
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