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Upcoming Event: Soybean Production Workshops
Upcoming Event: Soybean Production Workshops - News News
These day-long workshops teach soybean producers new integrated pest and cultural management practices covering the entire growing season, from planting to harvest. More
John Wallace, Penn State Weed Science
John Wallace, Weed Management Extension Specialist - News News
Introducing Penn State’s new extension weed specialist More
Photo Caption: Kyle Imhoff
Weather Outlook for the Week of October 16, 2018 - News News
After a mild start to the month of October, Fall is now making its presence felt as temperatures have dropped to near seasonal levels for the past several days. More
Penn State Spray Record-Keeping Spreadsheet
Penn State Spray Record-Keeping Spreadsheet - News News
The downloadable Spray Record-Keeping Spreadsheet for tree fruit was updated for 2018, and it simplifies record-keeping for your packer and processor. More
Welcoming Dr. Daniel Weber as Penn State Extension Tree Fruit Educator
Welcoming Dr. Daniel Weber as Penn State Extension Tree Fruit Educator - News News
Daniel Weber joined Penn State Extension in September as a new tree fruit extension educator from Adams County. More
Snow on Pink Lady. Photo: Ed Weaver, Weaver's Orchard
Get Ready for the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention - News News
The 2019 Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention will be held from January 29 to 31, 2019 at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania. More
Photo by Alyssa Collins
Dealing with Moldy Corn - News News

Dealing with Moldy Corn


Concerns about mold in corn? Not all mold feeds have mycotoxins and can still be used with precaution. More
2018 Keystone Crops and Soils Conference
2018 Keystone Crops and Soils Conference - News News
The Keystone Crops and Soils Conference (KCSC) is an annual two-day meeting (October 23-24) of crop professionals held each year at the Harrisburg-Hershey Holiday Inn. More
Image Credit: Alyssa Collins
Managing the Damage: Understanding Soybean Harvest Quality - News News
As the harvest begins, you may be surprised by the amount of discolored and moldy beans you see. Find out why, and what you can do about it. More
Summary of Apple Fruit Maturity During August and September 2018
Summary of Apple Fruit Maturity During August and September 2018 - News News
This year’s bloom was later than in 2017. With a later bloom and a cool rainy season, we initially wondered when this year’s apple crop would be ready to pick. More
Leaf infected with Marssonina. Photo: K. Peter, Penn State
2018 Disease Update: Marssonina Blotch on Apple Trees - News News
Marssonina blotch is a foliar disease first identified in Pennsylvania in September 2017. Conditions are favorable for this disease and symptoms have been observed in several orchards. More
Photo: Tara Baugher, Penn State
Scarf Skin Reduction Trials in Grower Orchards Show Promise - News News
Scarf skin is a physiological disorder of apple fruit that causes a dull gray cloudy or waxy appearance on the surface of the peel (epidermis) where it is most readily observed on varieties with a red or dark red background. More
Northeast Cover Crops Council
Learn About the Latest Developments in Cover Cropping in the Northeastern U.S. - News News
Registration for the 2nd annual Northeast Cover Crops Council Conference is now open! More
2018 Maturity Assessment: Weeks Nine and Ten
2018 Maturity Assessment: Weeks Nine and Ten - News News
The hot, wet summer weather continues to affect our apple crop. While size is not a problem, red color development continues to be problematic in most varieties. More
Pennsylvania Hay Show judge, Les Vough, places the Section I Grand Champion ribbon on the winning hay sample. Photo: Jessica Williamson, Penn State Extension
2018 Pennsylvania Hay Show Recap and Results - News News
The 2018 Pennsylvania Hay Show was held at Ag Progress Days and sponsored by the Pennsylvania Forage and Grassland Council. More
Organic bins and processing facility at Boyd Station. (Image Credit: Mary Barbercheck).
Boyd Station Serves Growing Market for Processed Organic Soybeans - News News
This Danville-area facility produces a variety of organic soybean products and offers incentives for farmers to transition to organic production. More
This year precautions may need to be taken when harvesting corn silage that is too dry. (Source: Penn State Extension)
Harvesting Corn Silage at the Incorrect Moisture - News News
When corn silage fields dry too quickly there are a few strategies for ensuring proper ensiling of your forage. More
Palmer amaranth regrowth after crop harvest (Source: University of Delaware Weed Science)
Monitor Palmer Amaranth and Waterhemp After Harvest - News News
Palmer amaranth and waterhemp can still set seed yet this fall even after harvest. Make sure to scout fields and control any escaped plants. More
2018 Apple Maturity Assessments: Week Eight
2018 Apple Maturity Assessments: Week Eight - News News
This week we added Autumn Crisp, Daybreak Fuji, and CrimsonCrisp to our evaluations. More
Gray mold sporulation has a dark gray, concentric ring pattern and may develop lesions on the surface of the plant stems. Photo: Beth K. Gugino, Penn State
Vegetable Disease Update: September 13, 2018 - News News
This fall as temperatures drop, dew periods extend, and the skies remain cloudy, be on the lookout for late blight and Botrytis gray mold in high tunnel tomatoes. More
Soil compaction threat during silage harvest is high this year. Image Credit: Mark Madden
Soil Compaction Threat is High - News News

Soil Compaction Threat is High


After another prolonged period of rainfall, the soils across most of the commonwealth are again saturated. More
Brown marmorated stink bugs on soybeans in Clinton County. Most soybean fields in Pennsylvania are in growth stage R6 or later and so are past the point when insects, like stink bugs, or diseases will reduce yield. Image Credit: Greg Roth
Soybean Sentinel Plot Program September 11, 2018 - News News
With soybean maturity approaching in most fields, insects and diseases are becoming less relevant, but most pest populations remain low. More
A kernel on this ear has already sprouted as a result of wet conditions this growing season. Image Credit: Greg Roth
Sprouting in the Ear - News News

Sprouting in the Ear


Excessive rainfall during grain fill can sometimes result in preharvest sprouting in corn. If wet conditions continue, it would be good to assess this issue and take steps to minimize the impact. More
Symptoms of white mold as seen in 2018 in a field in Centre County. Image credit: P. Esker
Scouting for White Mold in Soybean - News News
White mold has been found in several soybean production fields in central and northern Pennsylvania. How can we assess the potential impact? More
Visiting a field in Somerset County are (left to right) Brian Ishman, Local Seed Company; Ed Kreider, GROWMARK FS; and Albert McIntier, Bedford Farm Bureau Co-op. Image Credit: Zach Larson
Pennsylvania Crop Tour Assesses 2018 Growing Conditions - News News
Good, but not record-breaking yields may be expected for many farms across the state. More
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