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Irregularly shaped late blight lesion on a tomato leaf with characteristic white sporulation on the underside of the leaf. Photo: Beth Gugino, Penn State
Vegetable Disease Updates for Mid-June 2018 - News News
Downy mildew has been confirmed in Dorchester County MD on cucumber, late blight confirmed on tomato transplants, and there have been a number of reports of poor potato seed emergence. More
Photo Caption: Kyle Imhoff
Weather Outlook for Week of June 19, 2018 - News News
A frontal boundary that will stall in the Mid-Atlantic along with a series of fast-moving disturbances will bring persistent unsettled weather through the weekend. More
Black rot on cabbage, caused by the bacterium Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris. Note characteristic “V” shaped lesions starting at leaf margin. Photo: Lee Stivers, Penn State
Vegetable - Small Fruit Current Issues: Mid-June 2018 - News News
Cloudy weather, rainstorms, and variable temperatures across the state have slowed some crops and created very favorable conditions for disease development. More
Codling moth monitoring trap. Photo: Greg Krawczyk, Penn State
Insect Bytes: Pest Management Update for Mid-June, 2018 - News News
First-generation flights of codling moth, tufted apple bud moth, and obliquebanded leafroller continue, second-generation Oriental fruit moth about to start, monitor for leafhoppers, woolly apple aphids, San Jose scales, and European red mites. More
Casey Guindon, PSU
Introducing a New Field and Forage Crops Educator in Bradford County - News News
Casey Guindon recently joined Penn State Extension’s Field and Forage Crop Team and is based in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. More
Figure 1. Delicious fruit size on June 4, 2018 at Rock Springs, PA. Photo: Rob Crassweller, Penn State
Last Carbohydrate Model Run for 2018 - News News
As of June 11, 2018, most areas of the state are now at or beyond 30 days after reported full bloom. More
Photo credit: Jeff Graybill
Farming for Success 2018 Field Day: Final Reminder - News News
This year’s Farming for Success on June 21st has sessions on farm economics as well as many production agriculture tour stops and exciting speakers. More
Image shows ALS inhibitor injury from a PRE application to corn. The corn is stunted, chlorotic and may show intervenal chlorosis. (Penn State Extension)
Wet Weather and Herbicide Injury in Corn Fields - News News
Wet weather and poor growing conditions might be to blame for certain herbicide injury in corn. More
Soybean field. Photo credit: Penn State Extension
Register for Penn State Extension Agronomic Field Diagnostic Clinic - News News
Register now for the upcoming Agronomic Field Diagnostic Clinic More
Figure 1. A corn plant near Christiana, PA, recently cut by a black cutworm caterpillar (image by Tracy Neff, Kings Agriseed)
Pests to Keep in Mind in the First Week of June - News News
Insect pests are active in each of our major crop species; here we touch upon four major pests to understand local populations. More
Corn in wet areas of this field is suffering from a nitrogen deficiency due to early season nitrogen losses. Photo credit: Charlie White
Is Your Nitrogen Still There? - News News

Is Your Nitrogen Still There?


With the cool and wet weather in many parts of the state, you might be wondering whether the nitrogen you applied to corn this spring has been lost. More
Carbohydrate Model Run - June 4 2018
Carbohydrate Model Run - June 4 2018 - News News
The high temperatures experienced in most of Pennsylvania last week were relieved Saturday into Sunday as rain moved across the state. More
1940's photo at the Fruit Research Lab. Do you know who these men are? (see comments at the end of this article)
FREC Centennial Celebration and Field Day - News News
The Fruit Research and Extension Center has a one-hundred-year history of developing scientific information for the benefit of the fruit industry throughout Pennsylvania. Come join our celebration on July 10, 2018. More
Discoloration of developing fruitlets indicating they will be dropping. Photo: Rob Crassweller, Penn State
Carbohydrate Model Run: May 30, 2018 Ideal Weather for Thinning - News News
Since the last carbohydrate model report on May 25, last Friday, weather conditions were optimal to induce fruit drop due to chemical thinner application. More
It is important to monitor your orchard site for conditions. Photo: Kari Peter, Penn State
Disease Update: More Advice for Limiting Fire Blight Spread - News News
Fire blight symptoms are widespread throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland. Growers are encouraged to use Apogee or Kudos to shut down tree growth to limit the spread of the disease in orchards. More
Photo 1: Manure injection in early May in western Chester County, PA. Twenty-foot wide toolbar supports injectors that are spaced 24 inches apart. Photo credit: Leon Ressler, Penn State
Manure Injection in PA Gets a Boost with National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Grant - News News
Newly awarded grant will be used to cover the cost difference between injecting and surface applying manure. More
Slug damage to cotyledon stage soybeans in Centre County (image by Adriana Murillo-Williams, PSU Extension)
Pest Populations Appear to be Mild at the Moment, But Stay Vigilant - News News
Insect and slug populations do not appear to be causing much damage, yet but keep scouting to understand local populations. More
Are your berries turning brown and drying up? Check to see that the pedicle is not damaged. Photo: Kathy Demchak, Penn State
Causes of Strawberry Blossom Blights and Dried Berries - News News
The warm wet weather the past couple of weeks together with high humidity is creating perfect conditions for a number of strawberry diseases. More
Be on alert for apple scab disease conditions until mid-June. Photo: Kari Peter, Penn State
Tree Fruit Disease Conditions Were on Steroids in May - News News
Conditions were incredibly optimal for many tree fruit diseases during the month of May. Management strategies for pome and stone fruit diseases are discussed. More
Scout for fire blight in your orchard. Photo: Kari Peter, Penn State
Disease Update: Dealing with Fire Blight Infections - News News
Reports of fire blight infections have started to occur. The dos and don’ts of managing fire blight infections are discussed. More
Codling moth injured fruit. Photo: Greg Krawczyk, Penn State
First Generation Codling Moth Update May 25, 2018 - News News
It is a perfect time right now to start the insecticide management of the codling moth (CM) in pome fruit orchards. More
Cornell Carbohydrate Model Run: May 25, 2018
Cornell Carbohydrate Model Run: May 25, 2018 - News News
Warm temperatures are affecting thinning. Most stations across the state are forecasting high temperatures to be in the 80’s today and for the next several days. More
Mechanical peach blossom thinner commercialized as a result of multi-state research led by Penn State. Photo: Loy Elliott
Grower Input Needed For Industry Engineering Needs Assessment - News News
The Penn State Fruit Research and Extension Center (FREC) is currently conducting needs assessments and would like to hear from Pennsylvania tree fruit growers. More
The FREC weather station. Photo: Kari Peter, Penn State
Exposing Your Weather Station To The Elements - News News
Weather station maintenance is very important for gathering accurate weather data, but it is just as important to make sure your well-maintained instrument is properly placed without any shade throughout the day. More
Photo: Tom Ford, Penn State
What Should I Be Looking For in My High Tunnel Soil Test Report? - News News
Soil pH in a Survey of 27 High Tunnels in Pennsylvania More
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