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Understanding how many growing degree days are typical for your area can help in selecting the right corn hybrids and can help track how long it will take plants to emerge. Photo credit: Greg Roth
Track Growing Degree Days with This New Online Tool - News News
A website is now available to track growing degree days (GDDs) for farmers in the northeast. It allows you to estimate GDDs from planting for your zip code and to compare to 15 or 30 year means. More
Strawberry plant with mild winter injury. Photo: Kathy Demchak
Spring Strawberry Growth, or Lack Thereof - News News
This year, we had a long cold winter, the spring warm-up just isn’t happening yet in much of the state, and plant growth is nearly 2 weeks behind schedule. More
Getting a crop off to a fast start is important because young seedlings are exposed to many dangers, which is why it is a recommended to avoid planting before adequate soil temperatures are present. Zachary Larson photo.
Soil Temperatures are Creeping Up - News News
Growers are monitoring the weather to start planting. Early morning soil temps at a 2 in. depth must be above 50°F for corn to germinate and 55°F for soybeans. More
Alfalfa weevil larvae can be identified by the white stripe down their back. They usually feed on the young leaves at the tip of the plant. Photo credit: Frank Peairs, Colorado State University,
Watch Out for Alfalfa Weevil - News News

Watch Out for Alfalfa Weevil


Alfalfa weevil is becoming active across PA. Scout your fields to determine if weevil populations in your fields justify protection with an insecticide. More
Although growth has been slow to this point, warming weather patterns will bring increased disease pressure. Scout throughout the spring to ensure that you are ahead of small grain diseases. Photo Credit: Alyssa Collins
Making Small Grain Fungicide Decisions - News News
Now is the time to consider your options for foliar fungicide on wheat and other grains. More
Torino labeled to control apple powdery mildew. Photo: K. Peter, Penn State
New Fungicide to Control Apple Powdery Mildew: Torino - News News
Torino (FRAC Group U6) has a supplemental label to control powdery mildew on apples and cherries. More
Use the ‘Help‘ link in our website navigation bar.
NEWA Off-Hours Incident Reporting - News News
The recent launch of our Network for Environment and Weather Applications (NEWA) Help Desk isn’t simply a way to send us an email or casual message. More
Empire buds. Photo: Rob Crassweller, Penn State.
Carbohydrate Model Update: April 24, 2018 - News News
As I prepare this note on the status of the carbohydrate model results, we still have two sites that have not reached green tip (GT). More
Don’t get caught with your plants down: watch out for fire blight conditions during bloom. Photo: K. Peter, Penn State
Preparing for the Fire Blight Season - News News
Management strategies are discussed for fire blight, as well as for other important tree fruit diseases occurring during the month of May. More
Pear psylla adults feeding on pear shoot. Photo G. Krawczyk, Penn State
Entomology Update: End of April, 2018 - News News
As the 2018 growing season slowly progresses, the pest and beneficial insects are also getting ready for the season. More
No Empty Chairs at Bilingual Workshop on GAP and Pruning Fruit Trees
No Empty Chairs at Bilingual Workshop on GAP and Pruning Fruit Trees - News News
On Saturday, April 12th 2018, Penn State Extension offered a practical field training for Spanish-speaking growers and workers in the fruit industry. More
Severe powdery mildew infections can abort blossoms. Photo: K. Peter, Penn State
Disease Update: Control for Powdery Mildew and Apple Scab This Week - News News
Tight cluster is the time powdery mildew spores become active. April 24 – 25, 2018 is a predicted scab infection period; be sure trees are covered with protection. More
Thinning Peach Blossoms: Increase Fruit Size and Reduce Labor Requirement
Thinning Peach Blossoms: Increase Fruit Size and Reduce Labor Requirement - News News
Peach blossoms are just starting to open this season, and full bloom will be more than a week later than normal. More
Spotted lanternfly empty egg cases. Photo: Emelie Swackhamer, Penn State
Spotted Lanternfly Permits for Transporting Goods - News News
The spotted lanternfly permitting process is new in the Pennsylvania quarantined area for business, government, and other organizations. More
April 2 snow at Rock Springs. Photo: Rob Crassweller, Penn State
NEWA IPM Monitoring Available for Growers - News News
Funding from the SHAP Extension Committee has purchased a statewide membership to the NEWA IPM Monitoring system for 2018. More
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