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Tips and tricks to mitigate 2018 disease problems this fall. Photo: K. Peter, Penn State.
Tree Fruit Disease Management: Final Touches on the 2017 Season - News News
Growers can get a jump on management for this fall to control fungal and bacterial disease in apples and stone fruit to mitigate problems in the 2018 season. More
Codling moth injured apple fruit. Photo: G. Krawczyk, Penn State
Entomology Update for August 30, 2017 - News News
As harvest approaches and the bins are being moved to the orchard, we need to remember that a number of important pests are still present in the orchards. More
Protect any trees still in bloom: Fire blight conditions ideal April 29 through May 2. (Photo: K. Peter)
Fire Blight, Apple Scab, Rust, Plus Others: Be On Alert! - News News
Conditions are optimal for fire blight, apple scab, and rust infections. Growers are encouraged to keep trees protected. Other diseases for the fruit grower radar are also discussed. More
Time to Download the 2018 Spray Record-Keeping Spreadsheet
Time to Download the 2018 Spray Record-Keeping Spreadsheet - News News
The updated Penn State Extension Spray Record-Keeping Spreadsheet for apples, pears, peaches, and cherries is now available from Penn State Extension. More