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Figure 1. Potato leafhopper adult and nymph. Photo Credit: Dr. Art Hower, Penn State University.
Watch Out for Potato Leafhopper Populations - News News
Potato leafhoppers populations are building rapidly. Growers should keep an eye out for increasing populations, because once their feeding is evident, economic damage has been done. More
Andrew Frankenfield, Penn State
Reducing Forage Harvest Losses - News News

Reducing Forage Harvest Losses


Ready, Set, Mow! First cutting alfalfa is underway in many parts of the state. Every pass across the field reduces the amount of dry matter you end up with in a bale. How much are you leaving behind? More
Winter Annual Weed Control in Alfalfa
Winter Annual Weed Control in Alfalfa - News News
Warmer weather has prompted many weed control questions, particularly options in dormant alfalfa. More