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Pruning Woody Plants
Pruning Woody Plants - Workshops Workshops

Pruning Woody Plants


Worcester, PA

Need a refresher on good pruning practices? Want to try techniques on somebody else’s plants? More
Image Credit: Emelie Swackhamer, Penn State Extension
Spotted Lanternfly Agricultural Producer and Forest Landowner Impact Survey - News News
A survey is currently underway to gather information from horticultural growers, field crop farmers, and forest landowners on the potential economic impact of the spotted lanternfly (SLF) on agriculture and forestry. More
Penn State C Loveland
Penn State Extension Offers Free Videos With Tools to Aid Community Meetings - News News
Penn State Extension's video series, "Community Conflict: Finding Middle Ground" provides strategies for civil engagement on 'hot button' topics. More
Wildlife Tree Ornaments Workshop for Youth
Wildlife Tree Ornaments Workshop for Youth - Workshops Workshops
Help birds and wildlife find food during winter! More
SILVAH for NRCS Professionals
SILVAH for NRCS Professionals - Workshops Workshops
Learn the basics about SILVAH from inventory to prescriptions. This course is designed for NRCS employees, technical service providers and other partners who provide or review forest management plans for NRCS. More
Volunteers from Penn State's Fruit Research and Extension Center help prepare holes for planting grapevines at Manatawny Creek Vineyard in Berks County, the location of the research. Image: Erica Smyers
Lanternfly's Penchant for -- and Potential to Harm -- Grapevines Focus of Study - News News
Penn State researchers are studying how feeding damage caused by the spotted lanternfly affects grapevine health and the quality and quantity of the fruit. More
Bush honeysuckles are one of many non-native invasive plants in Pennsylvania
Invasive Plants of the Allegheny Plateau - Workshops Workshops
Learn about invasive plants spreading through northern Pennsylvania. Presentations and field tours will cover ID, ecology and biology of several invasive plants as well as using iMapInvasives to monitor where they occur. More
Advanced Lumber Drying Workshop
Advanced Lumber Drying Workshop - Workshops Workshops
This workshop is geared toward kiln operators, supervisors, and plant managers interested in learning a new method to dry lumber. More
Spotted Lanternfly Public Meetings
Spotted Lanternfly Public Meetings - Workshops Workshops

Spotted Lanternfly Public Meetings

Multiple Options Available

Spotted lanternfly is an invasive insect that has spread throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and nearby states. Learn how to recognize spotted lanternfly and what you can do to help stop its spread. More
Beginner Maple Syrup
Beginner Maple Syrup - Workshops Workshops
Have you wondered how maple syrup is made? Have you ever considered making your own maple syrup from your own trees? More
Forest Health, Insect, and Disease Briefing
Forest Health, Insect, and Disease Briefing - Workshops Workshops
Join us to review the status of Pennsylvania's forest insect and disease problems and important forest health updates and information. More
Municipal Specialist Prep Course
Municipal Specialist Prep Course - Workshops Workshops
This full-day workshop will help prepare individuals for the ISA Municipal Specialist Certification exam, to be taken at a future date. More
Kiln Drying of Hardwood Lumber
Kiln Drying of Hardwood Lumber - Workshops Workshops
This introductory short course is designed to enable participants to dry hardwood lumber to maximize product quality and value. More
Woods in Your Backyard
Woods in Your Backyard - Workshops Workshops
By enhancing or creating natural areas and woodland, landowners can enjoy recreation, aesthetics, wildlife, and water quality. This workshop teaches stewardship of small parcels of land. More
SILVAH Training: Allegheny Hardwood
SILVAH Training: Allegheny Hardwood - Workshops Workshops
An intensive multi-day workshop designed to give participants comprehensive knowledge about forest ecology and management of Allegheny hardwood. More
Hardwood Lumber Grading Short Course
Hardwood Lumber Grading Short Course - Workshops Workshops
This course will cover and explain the NHLA hardwood lumber grades and will offer hands-on grading of hardwood lumber. More
Tree Tenders® Training
Tree Tenders® Training - Workshops Workshops

Tree Tenders® Training


Horsham, PA

Join other residents and start to restore and maintain the tree canopy in your community. More