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Un túnel alto donde el agricultor está utilizando un sistema de tierra para macetas para cultivar cultivos. Foto: Tom Ford, Extensión de Penn State
Informe de Prueba del Suelo del Túnel Alto: Niveles de Sales Solubles - News News
Continuamos nuestra serie donde hemos estado examinando informes de prueba del suelo para los túneles altos. More
Japanese knotweed (Photo by Erin Frederick - Penn State)
Master Watershed Stewards Tackle Japanese Knotweed at Environmental Center - News News
This nasty weed chokes our watersheds and causes property damage around the state. More
MWON Volunteers Participate in Water Testing and Interpretation Project
MWON Volunteers Participate in Water Testing and Interpretation Project - News News
Starting this year and continuing into early 2019, a new project will provide active Master Well Owners Network volunteers with an exciting opportunity. More
The aftermath of riparian buffer flooding (Photo by Kristen Kyler - Penn State University)
Buffers Need Maintenance After Flooding - News News
Flooding has been a relatively common occurrence this summer which has caused significant damage to homes, roads, and businesses. Riparian buffer owners also need to inspect and repair their young forests. More
Penn State MCOR
FERC Busy With Pipeline Decisions - News News
FERC halts work on the Atlantic Coast pipeline and the Mountain Valley pipeline, dismisses environmental concerns on Sabal Trail review, and denies rehearing of PennEast pipeline opponents. More
Succulent Container Garden Workshop
Succulent Container Garden Workshop - Workshops Workshops

Succulent Container Garden Workshop


West Chester, PA

Enjoy succulent plants in your home and garden by learning about these low maintenance plants. More
Heart healthy meal
Weight Loss Reverses and Reduces Atrial Fibrillation - News News
New research shows when adults with atrial fibrillation lost 10% or more of body weight, their condition reversed, with more than half symptom-free. More
Penn State Extension Helps Growers Comply with FSMA Regulations
Penn State Extension Helps Growers Comply with FSMA Regulations - News News
Educators are available to consult with growers on their farm operations at no-cost to the grower and help them to see how close they are to meeting the new regulatory requirements. More
2018 Apple Maturity Assessment: Week Three
2018 Apple Maturity Assessment: Week Three - News News
Premier Honeycrisp apples are ripening quickly and Mid-Atlantic growers have begun picking. More
Growing Orchids in Your Home
Growing Orchids in Your Home - Workshops Workshops

Growing Orchids in Your Home


Chambersburg, PA

Discover how you can grow and enjoy the beauty of orchids in your own home. More
Learn How to Split and Separate Perennials
Learn How to Split and Separate Perennials - Workshops Workshops

Learn How to Split and Separate Perennials


Montoursville, PA

Learn how to divide perennials and bring some home! More
Reduced till straw mulch serving as a barrier between developing pumpkin fruit and bare soil protecting against soilborne pathogens that cause fruit rots. Photo: Beth Gugino, Penn State
Vegetable Disease Update: August 9, 2018 - News News
Downy mildew is becoming more widespread on cucumber across Pennsylvania and has been confirmed on cucumbers in Centre, Clinton, Mifflin, Bucks, Lehigh, and Lancaster Counties. More
A spined soldier bug eating a lady beetle larva. Predators are key to keep soybean populations from getting too high. Predator-on-predator predation is bound to happen when aphid populations grow & predators swarm in. Adriana Murillo-Williams
Soybean Sentinel Plot Report-7 August 2018 - News News
With the extremely wet weather, insect pests in soybeans appear to have been knocked back a bit. Diseases remain low, but this could change with more moisture. More
A maturing soybean stem affected by white mold. Image credit: A. Collins
Be on the Lookout for White Mold - News News
Current weather conditions make it a priority to focus on key diseases in soybean. More
Manure storages that capture runoff from barn roofs or other impervious surfaces are likely to fill up sooner than expected due to the extreme rainfall this summer. Image credit: Charlie White
Manure Management When Storages Fill Up Sooner than Expected - News News
With the extreme rainfall over the last month, some farms may need to start emptying manure storages sooner than normal. Here are some points to consider when doing so. More
Photo by Steve Williams, Penn State
USDA Will Spend up to $12B on Farm Trade Disruption - News News
What is known about the government’s farm-related response to retaliatory tariffs. More
Mercer County Twilight Tour
Mercer County Twilight Tour - Workshops Workshops

Mercer County Twilight Tour


Grove City, PA

Join us for a twilight tour to help prepare our fields for harvest. More
Ewes and does should be in good body condition prior to the breeding season.
Sheep and Goat Workshops: Breeding Season Preparation - Workshops Workshops
A successful lambing or kidding season begins with breeding season preparations. More
Penn State
Commentary Provides Perspective on Last Decade of Shale Development - News News
At one time when the U.S. was considered to become a major importer of natural gas, entrepreneurs experimented with technology to change the energy market in the U.S. and worldwide. More
We want more grass. Sheep on pasture. Photo by: N. Santangelo
"Grow More Forage" Pasture Walk - Workshops Workshops

"Grow More Forage" Pasture Walk


Harrison Valley, PA

Pasture Walk with a focus on agronomic practices that improve pasture growth and maintain quality. More
Social Media Education Needs Survey
Social Media Education Needs Survey - News News
Whether you work with farmers, small businesses, community organizations, government, elected officials, or non-profits, there's the opportunity for each of these people and groups to use social media. More
The list of uses for renewable, sustainable biochar continues to grow.
Biochar - What Flavor Would You Like? - News News
Biochar Properties One Topic for Upcoming Short Course More
Note the difference: Left side - hi graded lot, Right side - sustainably harvested lot
Underutilized Wood: Harvest and Processing Opportunities - News News
Low Use Wood Harvest and Processing Options Discussed at Recent Symposium More
These wood chips, left over from maintenance operations, could be a feedstock for biochar production.
PA State Wood Energy Team Highlights/Next Steps - News News
Penn State Extension Shifting Program to Biochar for Energy and Coproducts More
Look for us at the Creatively Spelled Sign in the Harrington Building.
Ag Progress Days to Feature Energy Events and Display - News News
Penn State Extension Renewable Energy Programs Active at Ag Progress Days This Year More
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