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Heart healthy meal
Weight Loss Reverses and Reduces Atrial Fibrillation - News News
New research shows when adults with atrial fibrillation lost 10% or more of body weight, their condition reversed, with more than half symptom-free. More
Penn State Extension Helps Growers Comply with FSMA Regulations
Penn State Extension Helps Growers Comply with FSMA Regulations - News News
Educators are available to consult with growers on their farm operations at no-cost to the grower and help them to see how close they are to meeting the new regulatory requirements. More
2018 Apple Maturity Assessment: Week Three
2018 Apple Maturity Assessment: Week Three - News News
Premier Honeycrisp apples are ripening quickly and Mid-Atlantic growers have begun picking. More
Reduced till straw mulch serving as a barrier between developing pumpkin fruit and bare soil protecting against soilborne pathogens that cause fruit rots. Photo: Beth Gugino, Penn State
Vegetable Disease Update: August 9, 2018 - News News
Downy mildew is becoming more widespread on cucumber across Pennsylvania and has been confirmed on cucumbers in Centre, Clinton, Mifflin, Bucks, Lehigh, and Lancaster Counties. More
A spined soldier bug eating a lady beetle larva. Predators are key to keep soybean populations from getting too high. Predator-on-predator predation is bound to happen when aphid populations grow & predators swarm in. Adriana Murillo-Williams
Soybean Sentinel Plot Report-7 August 2018 - News News
With the extremely wet weather, insect pests in soybeans appear to have been knocked back a bit. Diseases remain low, but this could change with more moisture. More
Will your sample be a winner at this year’s Hay Show? Jessica Williamson Photo
Plan Now for the Ag Progress Days Hay Show and Forage Tour - News News
Submit hay samples at one of eight extension offices for this year’s Hay Show and register now for the PA Forage and Grassland Council research tour and picnic. More
A maturing soybean stem affected by white mold. Image credit: A. Collins
Be on the Lookout for White Mold - News News
Current weather conditions make it a priority to focus on key diseases in soybean. More
Manure storages that capture runoff from barn roofs or other impervious surfaces are likely to fill up sooner than expected due to the extreme rainfall this summer. Image credit: Charlie White
Manure Management When Storages Fill Up Sooner than Expected - News News
With the extreme rainfall over the last month, some farms may need to start emptying manure storages sooner than normal. Here are some points to consider when doing so. More
Photo by Steve Williams, Penn State
USDA Will Spend up to $12B on Farm Trade Disruption - News News
What is known about the government’s farm-related response to retaliatory tariffs. More
Penn State
Commentary Provides Perspective on Last Decade of Shale Development - News News
At one time when the U.S. was considered to become a major importer of natural gas, entrepreneurs experimented with technology to change the energy market in the U.S. and worldwide. More
Social Media Education Needs Survey
Social Media Education Needs Survey - News News
Whether you work with farmers, small businesses, community organizations, government, elected officials, or non-profits, there's the opportunity for each of these people and groups to use social media. More
The list of uses for renewable, sustainable biochar continues to grow.
Biochar - What Flavor Would You Like? - News News
Biochar Properties One Topic for Upcoming Short Course More
Note the difference: Left side - hi graded lot, Right side - sustainably harvested lot
Underutilized Wood: Harvest and Processing Opportunities - News News
Low Use Wood Harvest and Processing Options Discussed at Recent Symposium More
These wood chips, left over from maintenance operations, could be a feedstock for biochar production.
PA State Wood Energy Team Highlights/Next Steps - News News
Penn State Extension Shifting Program to Biochar for Energy and Coproducts More
Look for us at the Creatively Spelled Sign in the Harrington Building.
Ag Progress Days to Feature Energy Events and Display - News News
Penn State Extension Renewable Energy Programs Active at Ag Progress Days This Year More
Corn earworm counts are rising throughout PA.
Vegetable - Small Fruit Production Issues: August 2, 2018 - News News
July started out dry and hot but transitioned quickly, with almost no warning, to very wet and hot. More
Growers with Premier Honeycrisp plantings should monitor fruit maturity and be ready to pick this early variety. Photo: Chris Walsh, University of Maryland
2018 Apple Harvest: Where Are We Now? - News News
Apple bloom in 2018 was later than bloom in 2017. With a later bloom and a cool rainy season, we’re all wondering when this year's apple crop will be ready to pick. More
Downy mildew lesions on pumpkin. Photo: Beth Gugino, Penn State
Vegetable Disease Update: August 1, 2018 - News News
The wet weather is wreaking havoc in many vegetable fields. More
Courtesy Penn State Extension
DEP Air Monitoring Study of Marcellus Sites Indicate Limited Impacts - News News
Long-term study collected data from five sites in southwestern Pennsylvania, measuring various pollutants associated with oil and gas operations. More
Soybean Production Field Days
Soybean Production Field Days - News News

Soybean Production Field Days


Save the date for soybean production field days in August and September. More
Hay demonstration at Ag Progress Days Image credit: Joel Hunter
Plan Now for Penn State’s Ag Progress Days - News News
Penn State’s Ag Progress Days are less than two weeks away! There are several things to see and do over the three days so be sure to plan ahead and not miss out on some exciting events. More
Scouting soybeans under clear skies, a rarity recently. Image Credit: Jennifer Bratthauer
Soybean Sentinel Plot Report for July 31, 2018 - News News
Even with the extremely wet weather, our soybean scouting is finding minor insect/disease populations. The soybeans, and all of us, could all use a little sun. More
Harvesting wheat trials in Pennsylvania. Image credit: Greg Roth
Winter Wheat and Barley Trials Posted - News News
Winter wheat and barley variety trials have been posted. Wheat yields were good, feed barley yields were variable and some of new malting barley lines continue to yield well. More
A high tunnel where the farmer is using a soilless media system to grow crops. Photo: Tom Ford, Penn State
High Tunnel Soil Test Report: Soluble Salts Levels - News News
Soluble salts commonly found in soils are calcium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, sulfate, and bicarbonate. Potassium, ammonium, nitrate, and carbonate are also found, but in smaller quantities. More
C. McKibben
Shale Gas Monitoring Report from PA DCNR Released - News News
DCNR Bureau of Forestry released the second monitoring report of shale gas development in the Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale fairway. More
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