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Roughstalk bluegrass (Poa trivialis) is a lighter green color than the other cool season lawn grasses. Photo: Pete Landschoot, Penn State
Roughstalk Bluegrass: a Cool Season Perennial Grass - News News
Roughstalk bluegrass (Poa trivialis) is a cool season perennial grass. It often can be found as a contaminant in turf areas consisting of a desired turfgrass species such as Kentucky bluegrass, bentgrass or fescue. More
Celosia Kelos Atomic Neon Pink——Beekenkamp Photo: Sinclair Adam, Penn State
Top Performers at the 2018 Penn State Flower Trials - News News
2018 was a challenging year for growers of annual and perennial plants. More
Enjoy The First Spring Community Day
Enjoy The First Spring Community Day - News News
Brought to you by the Penn State Master Gardeners in Lackawanna County and St. Mary's Villa. Event takes place on Saturday, April 6th from Noon to 2:00 p.m. at St. Mary's Villa. More
Pastured dairy cows. Credit: Sjoerd Duiker
It’s Time to Make Plans for Pasture Management - News News
Penn State Extension Pasture Workshops remind growers to make management decisions now for improving forages. More
Crop Scouting Field Guide Available
Crop Scouting Field Guide Available - News News
Check out this handy field guide that includes most of the major agronomic crops grown in Pennsylvania. More
Photo Credit: Kyle Imhoff
Weather Outlook for the Week of March 19, 2019 - News News
Our mild weather will make a turn for the worse, bringing rain and a little snow for some. More
Equine Educator to Speak at Bucks County Seminar
Equine Educator to Speak at Bucks County Seminar - News News
Learn about pasture management basics from Laura Kenny at a seminar hosted by Delaware Valley University on April 1. More
Poinsettia plant injured from off-label application of prometon (Pramitol) under the greenhouse bench. Photo: Tom Ford, Penn State
Weed Control in the Greenhouse - News News

Weed Control in the Greenhouse


Each year brings with it new challenges and opportunities for the greenhouse industry and the growers that are tasked with overseeing the various production facilities across the world. More
Box tree moth larvae (Cydalima perspectalis) By böhringer friedrich - CC BY-SA 2.5,
More Trouble Ahead for Boxwoods? - News News
As if boxwood blight is not enough to keep growers, landscape architects, and landscape contractors up at night, an insect that is devastating box forests and landscape plantings across Europe has shown up in Ontario, Canada. Meet the box tree moth! More
Photo by Michael Houtz
Two New Articles from Penn State on Turfgrass Fertilization Practices - News News
Two newly revised articles dealing with turfgrass fertilization practices are now available from Penn State Extension. More
A newly-planted live stake. (Photo: Kristen Kyler, Penn State)
Utilize Cuttings from Willows and Dogwoods to Improve Streams - News News
There is a simple practice you can do to repair streambanks, create wildlife habitat, and improve the health of your stream — live staking. More
Water Faucet. Credit: USEPA
Why Conserve Water in a Water Rich State? - News News
March is a great time to review water conservation tips and benefits because National “Fix a Leak Week” sponsored by the WaterSense program at EPA, happens this month - March 18-29. More
Pictured: Ted Evgeniadis – Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper, Jodi Sulpizio - MWS Coordinator, York County Extension, Donna Scherer – Penn State Extension Client Relations Manager, and Doug Hoke - York County Commissioner (Photo: J. Sulpizio, Penn State)
York County Master Watershed Stewards Give 2018 Outstanding Partner Award - News News
The Penn State Master Watershed Stewards in York County presented Ted Evgeniadis, the Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper, with the 2018 Outstanding Partner Award at their MWS Winter Celebration in February. More
Come join us!
Earth Day is Your Day - News News

Earth Day is Your Day


Please join Penn State Master Gardeners in Lackawanna County on April 13th for a celebration of Earth Day. More
Courtesy Ken Elkin
Bulbs Mean More Than Tulips! - News News

Bulbs Mean More Than Tulips!


Consider planting summer blooming bulbs for variety! More
"Dyed Easter Eggs by Jim, the Photographer on Licensed under CC BY 2.0
Holiday Egg Safety Tips - News News

Holiday Egg Safety Tips


When using hard boiled/cooked eggs for decorating, hiding, centerpieces or eating this holiday season, remember to keep food safety in mind! More
On the YGA tour to the USDA Appalachian Fruit Research Station, the YGA group learns about new techniques in apple breeding from Dr. Jay Norelli.
Choosing Agriculture and Farming as a Career: Young Growers Alliance - News News
The Young Growers Alliance (YGA) has been making its mark on the fruit grower industry for several years now. Just how important they have become is reflected in the following article. More
The Revised Penn State Spray Record-Keeping Workbook
The Revised Penn State Spray Record-Keeping Workbook - News News
For many years, Penn State Extension has maintained a spray record-keeping spreadsheet to assist tree fruit growers in tracking and planning spray applications. More
Chef-preparing-food-meal-in kitchen/
Preparing for Pennsylvania Food Code Changes - Part 1 - News News
An important change for Pennsylvania establishments is that the person in charge in an operation must be a certified food protection manager and onsite at all times during operating hours. More
Penn State MCOR
Research to Study Subsurface Stress in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs - News News
Penn State researcher awarded grant to study how rock deforms with resource extraction. More
Keep root pruning to a minimum. Photo: Rob Crassweller, Penn State
Spring Planting of Fruit Trees - News News

Spring Planting of Fruit Trees


Nationally, Arbor Day is celebrated the last Friday in April; however, in Maryland, it is celebrated the first Wednesday in April, and in West Virginia the second Friday in April. More
Be sure to remove fruit mummies from peach trees while pruning to limit brown rot for the coming season. Photo: K. Peter, Penn State
The 2019 Season: Dormant Copper Sprays and Sanitation for Disease Management - News News
Consider using dormant applications of copper to manage fungal and bacterial diseases. Sanitation is critical for limiting fruit rots in the orchard. More
Photo: Penn State
Interim Director of the Fruit Research and Extension Center - News News
Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences has named Jayson Harper, professor of agricultural economics, as interim director of the Fruit Research and Extension Center, effective March 1. More
Photo: Penn State Pesticide Education
New Worker Protection Standard Training Materials - News News
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revised the Worker Protection Standard regulation (WPS) in 2015. More
Master Watershed Stewards at the Statewide Watershed Conference in February. Photo: Brad Kunsman, Penn State
Award-Winning Master Watershed Steward Projects from Across the State - News News
The first Search for Excellence Awards acknowledge outstanding projects across the state in four categories: Youth Programs, Restoration Projects, Innovative Projects and Monitoring and Research projects. More
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