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Not only an early spring/late fall bedding plant, the flowers can be used as a garnish or candied. Photo: Tom Butzler, Penn State
Flowers Becoming Hot Topic - News News

Flowers Becoming Hot Topic


The annual Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Conference (MAFVC) in Hershey, PA is a chance for area growers to gather new information about pest issues, marketing ideas, and production matters. More
Over 13% of Pennsylvania’s wetlands are permanently flooded by water, like this lake in Westmoreland County, PA (Photo by D. Rhea, Penn State)
Wetlands: A Valuable Natural Landscape Feature - News News
Swamp, marsh, and bog. These are a few words that are used to describe wetlands; but what is a wetland and why do they matter? More
Master Well Owner Volunteers can help homeowners solve their puzzling well problems (Photo: B. Swistock, Penn State)
Next Penn State Master Well Owner Course Accepting New Applicants - News News
Interested in learning more about the proper management of private water wells, springs and cisterns and sharing what you learn with others? Check out the Master Well Owner online course being offered by Penn State Extension! More
The number of people certified in Pennsylvania’s Act 49 Manure Hauler and Broker Certification Program and percentage of individuals in each certification category (Provided by Michael Aucoin, Pa State Conservation Commission, December 2018)
Certification of Professional Manure Handlers Can Influence Water Quality - News News
This article describes Pennsylvania’s Act 49 Commercial Manure Hauler and Broker Certification Program and provides interesting results from a recent industry survey that demonstrates program impact on participant knowledge. More
Under the Ground provides the feedback you need to increase your retail sales.
Calling All Agricultural Businesses With a Retail Space! - News News
Do you need a customer’s perspective? Advice on marketing and merchandising strategies? Help with customer service? More
source: PA IFO
IFO Provides PA Impact Fee Estimates for 2018 - News News
Pennsylvania Independent Fiscal Office (IFO) projects a record $247 million in impact fees to be collected for the 2018 year. More
Vvolkmar Becher
NSF Grant to Study Economic Mechanisms for Grid Resilience - News News
Researchers from Penn State and the University of Washington were awarded a $750,000 grant to look at the need for infrastructure resilience. More
Steve Williams, Penn State
Winter Food Safety - News News

Winter Food Safety


Winter is a time for many storms, especially here in Pennsylvania. During these storms, it is important to keep food safe. More
Zinc deficiency shows up in new growth as light green to yellow coloring between green veins. Photo: John Esslinger, Penn State
Zinc Deficiency In Vegetable Crops - News News
Zinc deficiency in vegetable crops has become more common in the last few years. More
Cyclamen mite leaf symptoms. Photo: Kathy Demchak, Penn State
The 2018 Berry Season in Review - News News

The 2018 Berry Season in Review


The 2018 summer weather was certainly memorable. Most of the state was extremely wet for the growing season, and this was reflected in some of the problems we were seeing. More
Coleus muestra los síntomas de la aplicación del agua con altos sólidos disueltos totales y conductividad eléctrica. Foto: Tom Ford, Penn State
Calidad del Agua de Riego Para Túneles Altos - News News
La calidad del agua tiene una gran influencia en el crecimiento y desarrollo de los cultivos. More
Coleus showing symptoms from applying water with high total dissolved solids and electrical conductivity. Photo: Tom Ford, Penn State
Irrigation Water Quality for High Tunnels - News News
Water quality has a large influence on crop growth and development. More
Photo of 2019 Chemsweep Program
Do You Need to Dispose of Unwanted Pesticides? - News News
The CHEMSWEEP Program deadline for unwanted pesticide pickup is February 28th. More
Photo: Alyssa Collins
Free ASA Webinar Series: Managing Scab in Wheat - News News
Fusarium head blight (i.e., scab) is one of the most destructive diseases that can affect wheat and barley grown in the U.S. Join American Society of Agronomy for a free webinar in February. More
Commodity Challenge, Screenshot from University of Minnesota Commodity Challenge Website
Why Try Commodity Challenge? - News News

Why Try Commodity Challenge?


Join fellow Pennsylvanians and beyond in Commodity Challenge, an online grain trading game. More
New herbicide programs are being evaluated in a soybean field at the Penn State Agronomy Research Farm (D. Lingenfelter, Penn State Extension)
What’s New in Agronomic Weed Control - News News
New herbicide products and industry news about weed management are highlighted in this article. More
2019 Pennsylvania Forage Conference
2019 Pennsylvania Forage Conference - News News
Visit with industry professionals and farmers and enjoy the day listening and learning about educational topics pertaining to forage production from industry leaders! More
Photo Caption: Kyle Imhoff
Weather Outlook for the Week of February 5, 2019 - News News
Our January thaw into February is about to come to an end. More
Photo: Tom Ford, Extensión de Penn State
Informe de Prueba del Suelo del Túnel Alto: Materia Orgánica y Capacidad de Intercambio Catiónico - News News
El año pasado, hemos estado trabajando con 27 agricultores y agricultoras de Pennsylvania para entender mejor los suelos en túneles altos. More
Spotted Lanternfly Business Action Toolkit
Spotted Lanternfly Business Action Toolkit - Guides and Publications Guides and Publications
Available to Pennsylvania businesses, the toolkit includes a collection of printed materials to inform employees about ways to stop the spotted lanternfly. More
Alletta M. Schadler Scholarship Alletta M. Schadler Scholarship - News

Alletta M. Schadler Scholarship


The scholarship of $500.00 will provide support to any Lebanon County resident pursuing a degree or continuing education in the area of Family and Consumer Sciences. More
Read the Label First
New Changes to Paraquat Label - News News

New Changes to Paraquat Label


EPA has taken action on paraquat dichloride, a herbicide that can be poisonous to humans. Additional training is needed to use this product. More
Half respirator
Respirator Fit Testing — Now Available - News News
Explanation of need for respirator fit test. Contact information for how to schedule a fit test. More
Penn State Chosen for DOE Grid Optimization Competition - News News
Penn State researchers work on challenges to develop solutions for a resilient and secure electricity grid. More
Image Credit: Emelie Swackhamer, Penn State Extension
Spotted Lanternfly Agricultural Producer and Forest Landowner Impact Survey - News News
A survey is currently underway to gather information from horticultural growers, field crop farmers, and forest landowners on the potential economic impact of the spotted lanternfly (SLF) on agriculture and forestry. More
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