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Preventing Stored Grain Pests
Preventing Stored Grain Pests - Videos Videos

Preventing Stored Grain Pests

Liz Bosak, PhD


Avoid costly docking at the mill and grain fumigation expenses by taking the steps necessary to prevent a stored grain pest infestation. More
Pesticide Applicator FAQs
Pesticide Applicator FAQs - Videos Videos

Pesticide Applicator FAQs

Liz Bosak, PhD


Answers to frequently asked questions by private pesticide applicators in Pennsylvania. More
Image produced by Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.
Pesticide 101 for New and Beginning Farmers - News News
Whether you are taking over the family farm or starting from scratch, conventional or OMRI approved pesticides will probably be part of your pest management program. More
Adult Marsh slug. Photo: Anna Busch
Pennsylvania Slug Monitoring Project Update - News News
It looks like this spring farmers are getting a break from slug ravaged fields. In most PA Slug Project fields, populations remain low. More
Caption: European corn borer larva feeding in the whorl of a corn plant.
Selecting Bt Corn Traits for Insect Pest Management - News News
Design an effective rotation for resistance management with the Handy Bt Trait Table. More
Slug 101 in Field and Forage Crops
Slug 101 in Field and Forage Crops - News News
Let’s get back to basics and learn about slug species in Pennsylvania, when life stages occur throughout the year, and strategies for management this fall. More
Estimating Soybean Yield Estimating Soybean Yield - News

Estimating Soybean Yield


Spending the time to count soybean pods can help to set end of season yield expectations and avoid surprises on the combine’s yield monitor or at drop-off. More
Organic Field Crop Study Circles in Pennsylvania
Organic Field Crop Study Circles in Pennsylvania - News News
Study Circle meetings provide a relaxed atmosphere where participants share information with each other as well as learn from and ask questions of the experts. More
Estimating Soybean Yields
Estimating Soybean Yields - Videos Videos

Estimating Soybean Yields

Liz Bosak, PhD


Watch this short video to learn how to estimate soybean yield during the growing season. More
Triticale cover crop.
Herbicide Considerations for Cover and Forage Crops - Articles Articles
Learn about carryover concerns for seeding cover crops after in-season corn and soybean herbicide applications. More