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Poda en la Huerta - Consejos de Seguridad
Poda en la Huerta - Consejos de Seguridad - Articles Articles
Después de una temporada de cosecha ocupada, todavía hay varios trabajos por hacer y uno de esos trabajos importantes es la poda. More
Orchard Pruning - Safety Tips
Orchard Pruning - Safety Tips - Articles Articles
After a busy harvest season, there are still several jobs to be done and one of those important jobs is pruning. More
Agritourism and Ag Safety
Agritourism and Ag Safety - Articles Articles
Have you considered ways to diversify your farm operation? Many families explore options for farm activities that invite the public onto their farm. More
Ag Safety and Health, Springtime Preparations
Ag Safety and Health, Springtime Preparations - Articles Articles
Spring is one of the busiest times of the year on a farm and sometimes things are so busy that safety is not given the priority that it needs to keep everyone safe. More
SAY Clearinghouse: Aligns with AFRN CS.03, PS.03 and PST.02.
Hazards of Flowing Grain - Demonstration - Articles Articles
Aligns with the following AFNR Standard(s): CS.03, PS.03, and PST.02. More
Farm Pond Safety
Farm Pond Safety - Articles Articles

Farm Pond Safety

Linda Fetzer, Dennis Murphy, Ph.D., Diane Oleson, M.S., Sam Steel, Amy Galford

Farm ponds, lagoons and water wells are often found on Pennsylvania farms and all have contributed to accidental drownings. More