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Max Williamson, USDA Forest Service,
Local Extension Offices are Offering a Private Pesticide Applicator Short Course - News News
A two-day short course is being offered at local Penn State Extension offices across the state to prepare applicators for the private pesticide applicator exam. More
Soil Sampling
Soil Sampling - Videos Videos

Soil Sampling

Rachel Milliron


In this video, learn how to take representative soil samples in agronomic fields. More
Corn earworm (CEW) and feeding on corn ear tip. Image credit: Rachel Milliron.
Identifying Corn Earworm - News News

Identifying Corn Earworm


Finding corn ears with feeding on the ear tip? More
Photo caption: Rye Cover, Rachel Milliron, PSU
Finishing Up with Manure Applications and Got Bare Fields? - News News
There may still time to get cover on the ground. More
Image 1. Frost damage to a stand of Japanese knotweed taken 5/9/2017
Frost and Freeze, Should We Worry About Winter Cereals? - News News
Temperatures crept at or below freezing the past couple of mornings, and you may be wondering if it has caused injury in wheat and barley crops. More
Ins and Outs of Weight Training
Ins and Outs of Weight Training - Articles Articles

Ins and Outs of Weight Training

Marilyn Corbin, Ph.D., Laura Henderson

This article in the Creating Health and Nutrition series explains what weight and strength training are, what your muscles are doing while you train, and the health benefits training provides. More
Photo credit: Jozef Polc, Flickr Creative Commons
Warm-up and Cool-down - Articles Articles

Warm-up and Cool-down

Marilyn Corbin, Ph.D., Laura Henderson

The purpose, benefits, and importance of the warm-up (getting your body ready for exercising) and the cool-down (returning your body to a normal resting state). More