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Montgomery County Master Watershed Stewards assisting with native tree and shrub plantings at the Perkiomen Township Community Park. Photo courtesy of Erin Kinley, Penn State
Environmental Advisory Councils in Action - News News
The Penn State Extension Master Watershed Stewards will be hosting a special public presentation focusing on township and borough Environmental Advisory Councils (EACs). More
Main Entrance Basin (at right) – recently cut cattails and residual pickerelweed, June 2018 (Photo by Robert Pace)
Montgomery County Watershed Steward Explains Benefits of Stormwater Management - News News
Stormwater management solutions are in action in the Stony Creek Watershed in Montgomery County More
Ins and Outs of Weight Training
Ins and Outs of Weight Training - Articles Articles

Ins and Outs of Weight Training

Marilyn Corbin, Ph.D., Laura Henderson

This article in the Creating Health and Nutrition series explains what weight and strength training are, what your muscles are doing while you train, and the health benefits training provides. More
Photo credit: Jozef Polc, Flickr Creative Commons
Warm-up and Cool-down - Articles Articles

Warm-up and Cool-down

Marilyn Corbin, Ph.D., Laura Henderson

The purpose, benefits, and importance of the warm-up (getting your body ready for exercising) and the cool-down (returning your body to a normal resting state). More