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Understanding Dairy Business
Understanding Dairy Business and Production for the Conservation Professional - Workshops Workshops
The goal of this workshop is to help conservationists better understand the dairy business and become effective communicators when helping dairy farmers consider and implement conservation practices. More
Women Rooted in Agriculture
Women Rooted in Agriculture - Workshops Workshops

Women Rooted in Agriculture


Chambersburg, PA

Women Rooted in Agriculture is a discussion group for a women that are interested in learning more about their industry. More
Dairy Discussions
Dairy Discussions - Workshops Workshops

Dairy Discussions


DuBois, PA

An informal opportunity to discuss issues that are important for you and your dairy operation in a round-table discussion format. More
Benchmark Group: Activity Systems
Benchmark Group: Activity Systems - Workshops Workshops

Benchmark Group: Activity Systems


Bernville, PA

This group will provide an opportunity for dairy farmers using activity systems on their farms to share their experience with the technology and learn best management practices from their peers. More
Dairy Feeding Workshop
Dairy Feeding Workshop - Workshops Workshops
Do you know exactly what your cows are eating? This event will help you understand how to feed the forages you harvested and get the most production from them. More
Corn follows a small grain that was harvested for silage in the spring.
Double Cropping on Dairy Farms Field Day - Workshops Workshops
Learn about double cropping winter annual forage in a corn silage rotation with a farmer who is using it. This event is both indoors and outdoors. More
Dairy Cattle Nutrition Workshop
Dairy Cattle Nutrition Workshop - Workshops Workshops
This workshop provides applied dairy nutrition information and training to feed industry professionals. Hands-on workshops and practical sessions offer information you can use to help you or your clients succeed. More