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Using Greenseeker NDVI Technology to Monitor Nitrogen in Cover Crops
Using Greenseeker NDVI Technology to Monitor Nitrogen in Cover Crops - Videos Videos
A video overview of using a handheld NDVI sensor to monitor cover crop biomass. More
Organic production offers growers opportunities to produce high value crops. Here, a cover crop is being interseeded into organic corn. Photo Credit: Tosh Mazzone
Establishing an Organic Grain Cooperative in Pennsylvania - News News
Complete a survey about organic grain crops! Your input will help gauge interest in an organic grain cooperative and creating educational resources. More
Timing corn planting with black cutworm instar development is important for preventing damage to young corn seedlings. Photo credit: Roger Schmidt, University of Wisconsin-Madison,
Black Cutworm Management in Organic Field Corn - Articles Articles
Ecological pest management and cultural strategies are the best method for protecting crops against black cutworm damage on organic farms. More
Cover Crop Mixtures: Calculating Seeding Rates
Cover Crop Mixtures: Calculating Seeding Rates - Videos Videos
This video provides step-by-step instructions for calculating seeding rates when including multiple species in a cover crop mixture. More
Cover Crop Mixtures: Choosing Species for a Mix
Cover Crop Mixtures: Choosing Species for a Mix - Videos Videos
This video summarizes different crop functions and provides general tips for making a cover crop mixture. More
Two of the most popular cover crops, crimson clover and cereal rye, grow together in a mix to help build soil health and control weeds. Photo credit: Annie Klodd.
Cover Crops Success is Encouraging to Farmers Nationwide - News News
Cover crop acreage is expected to rise across the U.S. due to the success of the practice mainly in improving soil health and other aspects of crop production. More
A crowd gathers at a farm in Clinton County to discuss opportunities for managing soil health and planting green.
Planting Green and Soil Health the Focus of June Field Day - News News
Planting green is a practice where cover crop termination is delayed until cash crop planting in order to extend soil health benefits longer into the season. More
Organic Certification
Organic Certification - Videos Videos

Organic Certification

Kristy Borrelli


This presentation will help you to identify many useful resources and decide if organic certification is appropriate for your farm business. More
Howard F. Schwartz, Colorado State University,
Soil Testing Tips - Articles Articles

Soil Testing Tips

Kristy Borrelli

Soil testing is an important tool for managing nutrients, sustaining crop production, and protecting environmental resources, but it must be done properly. More